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Bright, Bold & Colourful Wedding with Pom Poms A-Plenty!

Wanting the celebration to be a reflection of them as a couple, it was really important to Sam and Chris that their wedding day was packed with personal details and things that were meaningful to them. Alongside Sam’s dad, the pair run The Volkswagen Wedding Co, so it was only right that their day was filled with impeccable attention to detail and a full fleet of VWs, too!

There were loads of DIY elements to their wedding day. One of their favourites were the packs of confetti which they’d put together for after the ceremony. Same explained; “On every chair was an order of service card with a small envelope of confetti presented inside. For each pack of confetti, we made a donation to Overgate Hospice in memory of some loved ones who sadly couldn’t be there with us. We thought this was a nice and uplifting way of remembering them on our wedding day.”

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Glam Geek Wedding with An Enormous Wedding Cake

When a wedding cake maker gets married, you’d expect them to go all out on their cake – and Claire certainly didn’t disappoint. She married Damian in June and the wedding cake was the star of the show!

They didn’t really have a theme but wanted to use a deep, rich colour palette. “I looked online for gothic wedding inspiration and geek themes”, said Claire. “Our day was a big mixed bag, its just us lots of different aspects and things we love. The result was gothic glam with a touch of traditional.”

Setting a budget of £15,000, they quickly realised they were going to blow that to get what they wanted. In the end they spent almost double what they initially planned, but the day was exactly as they envisioned so they have no regrets. “It won’t always be fun and games but it will all come together in the end”, Claire remembered. “I wish we’d realised sooner how much there is to do and how much it would all cost though!”

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Heavy Metal Themed Wedding with the Bride in Black

Lauren met Simon when she moved down to Southampton from Newcastle and she says it was definitely not love at first sight! Bonding over their similar tastes in music, they were friends for a long time first. They started going to gigs and festivals together and then they even flat shared together before they started dating.

They were married in April and wanted a wedding which reflected their mutual love of music, and included lot of black, rather than traditional white, elements. Lauren explains, “We were aiming for a romantic, moody, elegant gothic feel. We wanted it to feel gothic, but not to look like we’d decorated everything from the Halloween section of the shop!”

“The wedding was really just inspired by us, our interests and our style. The tables were
named after our favourite rock and metal bands. In lieu of a guestbook, we had guests sign wine bottles as we love a good bottle of red wine! Instead of a usual ‘card box’ we used Simon’s guitar case. Our house is filled with gothic photo frames, candles and real animal skulls so we used these as the table décor.”

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Shake Your Tail Feather: A Fun, Peacock-Themed Wedding

Inspired to do the opposite of what they have seen so often at weddings, Amy and Nick wanted their January wedding to be the best party they have ever thrown. “As we work in the industry, we know weddings inside out,” Amy began, “we knew exactly what we wanted from our day and stuck to it. In my experience, as long as people are well fed and watered, and there’s great music, that’s a recipe for a great time.”

Putting this into practice, they tried not to get bogged down in the details, and did what they wanted to do, instead of what they ‘should’ do. Nick had a best woman and Amy had a ‘brides-mate’, they had flower men instead of flower girls, they made most of the decor touches and they didn’t have a cake cutting or a first dance.

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Planetarium & Aquarium Wedding with Dinosaurs, Trees on the Tables & a Central Park Theme

Married in January on the 15-year anniversary of when they got together, Tony and Luisa chose the planetarium at We The Curious science centre in Bristol harbour as their wedding venue. They had their ceremony under the stars, followed by a reception at Bristol aquarium where the tables were themed around Central Park where they got engaged. They even had a replica of the bench they got engaged on made! Their guests had access to both the planetarium and aquarium all day, meaning they didn’t need to hire any extra entertainment – the venue was entertainment enough for everyone.

“We were inspired by New York and Central Park, where Tony proposed, for our décor,” said the bride. “We had lots of fairy lights, tree and leaf décor. I made 16 eucalyptus and paper wisteria wreath chandeliers, New York style table numbers and cocktail-filled baubles as favours personalised with our names and wedding date. The bridesmaid’s dress was green and the groomsmen were in brown suits. I am half Italian so we served Italian food. We chose our venue as we both like stars and animals, it ticked all boxes!”

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Relaxed & Informal Kid-Friendly Wedding with the Bride in Blue

Taking inspiration from the pages of Rock n Roll Bride, Kate and James planned a wedding that was uniquely them, starting with Kate’s dress. She told us, “I knew from the moment I was engaged that I wouldn’t be wearing a white dress down the aisle. I came across Chotronette on Rock n Roll Bride and my blue dress was my first purchase, it gave me so much joy to wear.”

Kate and James’s engagement also bucked the traditional trends, with Kate proposing on their anniversary. She explained, “I took James to Bodium Castle for our anniversary and I got custom slides made for one of those retro view finders with photos of us and the last slide said ‘Will you marry me?’. I used a rock ’n’ roll groom pin in place of an engagement ring. He wore his pin at the wedding and I got a matching rock ’n’ roll bride one that I pinned to my bouquet”. 

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Super Stylish 60s Inspired London Wedding

Veils are awesome, capes are fabulous, but we really don’t see enough brides in hats. Nothing about Cassy and Elliott’s courtship was traditional, so why should their wedding be? They met through friends and once they got together (after quite a few drunk texts!) things moved really quickly. They moved in together after two months and were engaged in just four!

The wedding day was based around a colour palette of pale pinky peach, red and bright orange, which put together by the groom. “To be honest, we didn’t have a direct inspiration”, said the bride, “but I always looked to Rock n Roll Bride magazine and website to see how other people executed certain aspects such as signage and décor. I sprayed a small trash can and wire shelf the peachy pink tone from our theme and flowers were popped in them for reception. The bright bold blue of Ells’ jacket showed his unique style.”

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Spontaneous, Sunrise Stone-Circle Wedding in West Cornwall

As photographer-duo of both Enchanted Brides and Cornwall Elopements, Jo and Patrick are no strangers to weddings, so when we received this submission in our inbox we knew it would be otherworldly, symbolic, unique and brilliant!

“We loved the idea of a two-part elopement,” Jo began. “Our love of nature and the outdoors and uniting our little family in a symbolic and meaningful way was our main priority. We did not want to buy things just for the sake of a wedding or follow a theme or a trend, we just wanted it to be as low-key as possible but still meaningful.”

With this in mind, the couple spent around £1500 and planned everything in just a few weeks. “We have seen so many weddings in our time as wedding photographers so we wanted to do something a little different. Also, we find weddings so wasteful, or people doing things to keep other people happy and also all the faff and stress people put on themselves with planning. We didn’t want our own wedding to feel like work or something we had seen before. We took inspiration from nothing but everything that just felt ‘right’ and effortless.”

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Universal Energy & Sacred Geometry Inspired Castle Wedding

Using the Flower of Life and a fractal as the starting point for, Louise and James planned a spring wedding at Law Castle, West Kilbride. They wanted to bring the ideas of universal energy and sacred geometry into the celebration wherever they could. The rings were made with meteorite included in the opal and they used crystals on the crowns and the bride’s the wedding dress. They also both painted the patterns our boots and Louise’s jacket.

The ceremony was conducted by a minister from the Unitarian Universalist Church, a small church who welcome all faiths and beliefs and are unified by their shared search for spiritual growth. “This meant we could thank the Universe for our meeting in marriage and also include readings from more than one religious text”, Louis explained. “We had quotes from books and philosophers and also an ancient Celtic blessing.”

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Lana Del Ray Meets Midsommar Inspired Wedding on a £2000 Budget

Midsommar may be a horror movie, but the aesthetic is anything but scary, which is why Shar and Scotty were so heavily inspired by it for their not-at-all Halloweeny summer wedding. When Covid hit, it made them realise what they really wanted (and didn’t want) for their day so they had their reception of cake and informal, unplanned speeches at the bride’s mum’s house and spent less than £2,000 to boot!

“Our wedding was just happy, bright, rainbows and smiles” Shar told us. “I wore roller skates, people wore cool hats and there were lots of flowers! Midsommar, if it wasn’t a horror, heavily inspired us as well as Frida Kahlo and Lana Del Ray. We wanted an informal, fun day and continued being defiant in the face of a global pandemic, we warned to bring some joy back into the lives of the people around us.”

Shar’s dress was £120 and came from the ASOS bridal collection. With it she wore a massive flower crown, Dr Marten Sinclair boots, Stance skate socks that said ‘fries before guys’ (which tied in with her son’s fries jumpsuit) and rainbow Snag Fish net tights.

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Gothic Geek Wedding with Skulls, Tequila & a Donnie Darko ‘Frank’ Mask

Abby and Jack’s April wedding was influenced by their love of skulls, tequila, music and their favourite films and TV shows – ‘gothic geek’ is how they described it to their friends.

They incorporated Lord of the Rings and Nightmare before Christmas into their vows and had a Star Wars cantina band on loop for 10+ minutes while they signed the register. The newly married couple walked back up the aisle too Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, the perfect upbeat song to to get the celebrations underway, and of course they had some great tunes playing during the wedding breakfast, too.

“We wanted the day to reflect us and to not be a completely traditional wedding”, Abby told us. “I was on Pinterest a lot and took bits that I liked to make our own. We’re not the most imaginative couple, but I like to think that we did ourselves proud. We did keep some traditional things though; I wore white (despite friends guesses that I’d be in black or purple!) and we still had the speeches and first dance.”

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Summer Wedding with Dried Flowers & Rustic, Natural Elements

Despite getting married in the summer, Catherine and Dicky they decided they wanted a cosy feel to their June wedding with lots of of dried flowers, dark colours and dim lighting. They planned the day in just seven months, and so didn’t go as ‘all out’ on the theme as they said they could have, but to them, their simply styled day was absolutely perfect.

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A Crazy Colourful Wedding with a Leopard Print & Dinosaur Cake

Shell and Mark celebrated their wedding on 5th June and while they had a lot of friends and family that couldn’t be there, they still wanted to go all out and have the colourful wedding of their dreams for their ten guests. As a glamping blogger, and using Rock n Roll Bride as their main source of inspiration, Shell’s vision was for a camping meets colourful party at Glamping Thorpe in the Oxfordshire countryside.

The bride made all the décor and centrepieces, she customised the wedding favours and collected vintage coloured vases. She made close to 100 multi coloured and leopard print pom poms which were used in the wedding arch. Little Cherry Cake Company made their incredible cake, but the dinosaur cake topper was DIY too.

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