Colourful Woodland Adventure Wedding: Beckie & Paul

Silverstar Photographic

December 16, 2013


You are going to love Beckie and Paul’s wedding. From Beckie’s amazing pink and teal corset and skirt combo to her purple and green hair, and their amazing DIY details including the knitted faux taxidermy bust centrepieces (!!) this really is a crazy creative wedding with a difference. The ceremony was held at Blackfriars Priory in Gloucestershire and the reception at the quirky Over Barn which came complete with farm animals and a bowling lane!


“We started off with traditional circus in mind but this was more of a guide for the colours, the feeling and the tone of our wedding rather than a theme”, Beckie began. “I don’t think we featured anything from any particular theme in the end, it was a bit of a mish-mash.”

“I didn’t want to use white at all from the start. I never wear it and as soon as we bought a house I started painting the rooms colours so it seemed crazy that we would use it on our wedding day. This did cause some issues when hunting for non-white wedding things. I ended up sourcing a lot from non-wedding vendors or making things. My dress was custom made by the amazing Jo at The Couture Company in Birmingham.”


“I made a lot of things for the wedding and had some great helping hands to make things a bit easier!” she continued. “I loved making everything! From day one this was always going to happen but having been made redundant, trying to start a business and not having a lot of money I did feel a bit of pressure that what I made with my hands would be what decorated our wedding. Two months before the wedding I pretty much stopped all other work and just did wedding stuff.”


“For the ceremony we had to take away everything we put up as we only had the place for a few hours. We decided to make something super simple to put leaning against the wall in front of where the ceremony was held. Paul braced together some planks and then put nails in for the outline of a heart and our initials I then used yarn from my stash to wind around the nails to fill in the shapes. I love this so much. It was our one combined piece and it now sits against the wall in the living room our cottage.”


“The faux taxidermy heads for the centrepieces were one of my favourite things but they were actually a last minute decision. We looked at loads of other options for the table centres but it felt like we were just having something for the sake of it and not because it was something we really wanted. In the end the answer was right under our noses. The faux taxidermy heads that I had been making and selling for the few months before were perfect and really us! I didn’t have enough different ones in stock for all the tables though so literally weeks before the wedding I had to turn round and make 13 different heads one for each table. Disco Panda, Robots in Love and all their friends were a great hit though.”


“It’s impossible to pick a favourite moment”, she concluded, “because there’s so many!  The ceremony was lovely. The lead singer of the best man’s (Steve) band, Jeremy, played songs for us. It sounded great in the big open Blackfriar’s space. I’m so glad we asked him to play instead of just having a CD as it really added a lovely element to the ceremony. After the ceremony we had Pimms, our guests got to have a look round the impressive buildings and we took a quick walk round the corner for photos.”


The barn we chose for our reception is on a working farm with a farm shop. One day a couple of years ago we picked up a flyer for parties there and from that day on we said it would be a lovely place to get married. I’m a farmer’s granddaughter and we are both passionate about local food so it really was the perfect place. They also have a petting zoo of farm animals and more exotic animals like water buffalo and ostriches. I loved turning the corner to walk up the drive to see half of our wedding guests in their finest clothes petting pigs and goats!”