33 Alternative Bouquet Ideas For Non-Traditional Brides

June 22, 2014

alternative bridal bouquets

If a real flowers aren’t your thing, then you’re going to LOVE what I have to share with you today! I’ve trawled the archives of Rock n Roll Bride as well as my old favourite, Etsy, in search of the most wonderfully unique bouquet ideas.


1. Dried flowers


I’m so smitten with this dried flower bouquet. Created by The Artisan Dried Flower Company.

2. Purple felt flowers

felt flower

If you like purple then you’ll love this felt flower bouquet by The Flower Girl Atlanta

3. Paper flowers

paper bouquet

Paper flowers can be so creative and varied. This swirl design by Lillesyster is beautiful.

4. Origami fabric

fabric bouquet

Fabric flower bouquets come in all different shapes and sizes. Check out this origami inspired one by Darlyndax.

5. Decoden vintage cameras


Decoden wins everything.

6. Sheet music

music sheet bouquet

Love music? How about a paper flower bouquet made from sheet music?!

7. Ombre paper

ombre paper bouquet

I love ombre so much. It’s about time someone made a bouquet like this! This one is by Flower Thyme.

8. Jewel brights brooch

dc bouquets

DC Bouquets rules when it comes to vintage brooch bouquets! She’ll customise one to suit your wedding theme or colours too.

9. Fabric and gypsophila

fabric flowers and gypsophila bridesmaids bouquets

I love this brides soft, pastel fabric flower bouquet by Cultivar next to her bridesmaid’s gypsophila ones.

10. Felt and buttons

felt and button bouquet

Felt and button bouquets have been growing in popularity year on year… and looking at this beauty by Jamball Creations it’s easy to see why!

11. Burlap

burlap bouquet

This burlap and lace bouquet would be perfect for a rustic or farm wedding. This beauty is from The Petal House.

12. Summer brights felt

bright felt bouquet

If you’re looking for a felt bouquet then Sugar Snap Boutique has some of the best around!

13. Rainbow origami paper flowers

origami paper flowers

Paper flowers are fun to make and these rainbow versions will make your bridesmaids really stand out!

14. Mini felt bouquet

mini felt bouquet

Small yet mighty! This cute felt bouquet looks awesome with this bride’s colourful tattoos!

15. French beads

bead bouquet

The beads making up this bouquet by Projects by Margie add a really unique spin.

16. Pom poms

pom pom bouquets

Paper pom poms have been popular in weddings for a while, but how about using them as bouquets too?!

17. Leather roses

leather roses bouquet

When it comes to something really different, Leather Wedding Roses makes the best leather rose bouquets around.

18. Feather fans


If any kind of floral design is off the table, how about carrying a feather fan instead? This one is by Britten.

19. Hand painted brooch bouquet with dinosaurs!

dinosaur bouquet

Is there anything cooler than a bouquet with plastic dinosaurs stuck on it? I think not.

20. Red button and brooch bouquet

red button and brooch bouquet

Beau Buttons hand crafted this gorgeous red button and brooch bouquet to match the bride’s dress.

21. Gingham and cotton balls

gingham and cotton bouquet

A bouquet with natural cotton balls was perfect for this crafty barn wedding.

22. Modern rainbow brooch bouquet

modern rainbow brooch bouquet

The colours of this modern brooch bouquet make me so very happy!

23. Book pages

book pages bouquet

If you love to read then what could be better than a bouquet made from the pages of your favourite book. This on was made by Dragonflies.

24. Spray painted pastel brooches

spray painted pastel vintage brooch bouquet

Brooch bouquets don’t have to be vintage. This modern take on the trend is super rad!

25. Mini button bouquet

mini button bouquet

This black, red and white mini button bouquet is the most adorable thing ever!

26. Fabric tulips

fabric tulips

The tulip design adds a unique spin to the fabric flower bouquet trend. This beauty is by Happy Dolls by Leslie.

27. Crochet


This DIY crochet bouquet would be perfect for a make, mend and do themed wedding.

28. Pine cone and evergreen bouquet

pinecone and evergreen bouquet

if you’re having a winter wedding, you might want to consider an evergreen and pine cone bouquet! This one is by HS Woods Creations.

29. Camper van and cross stitch buttons

camper van and cross stitch button bouquet

Adore Button Bouquets hand makes a variety of button bouquets. The addition of a fimo camper van in this one is super cute!

30. Balloons!


Why not just carry a big bunch of balloons instead? Bonus points if the colour matches your dress!

31. Stuffed cat toys!


Crazy cat lady? Then look no further than these cat toys as makeshift bouquets! Best idea ever!

32. Records

record bouquet

Having a music themed wedding? How about carrying your favourite record down the aisle?

33. Cupcakes!

cupcake bouquet

Sweet tooth? These cupcakes look like flowers. SO CUTE! Cakes by Sugarplum Cakes.

Are you planning to carry something other than flowers down the aisle with you? Anything unusual? I’d love to hear your ideas!