Music and Cat Lovers Wedding (with Cats as Bouquets!): Anita & Paul

Sprung Photo

May 14, 2014


If there’s one thing I love more than anything else it’s cats. I am a bona fide and unashamed crazy cat lady. I’m the one who’ll say hello to the feline in the room before the person I’m actually there to see… So you can imagine my elation when Anita and Paul’s cat/ music themed wedding landed in my inbox! These guys went all out, even so far as the bride and her bridesmaid’s carrying stuffed cat toys instead of bouquets! And yes, the bride did throw her ‘bouquet’ at the end of the night. Oh my fluffy goodness…


“I feel flowers are so temporary that it conflicted with the purpose of marriage”, began the bride, “and since I’ve had cats, I’ve never been able to have plants, so they aren’t very important to me. I wanted a way to include my pets in the ceremony since they couldn’t actually be there. I also thought it’d be fun for the bridesmaids… or really embarrassing for them!”


“They were all sceptical when I first told them (after they arrived in town for the wedding- hahaha!) But they all agreed to have a few drinks and get pumped up for it since it was me they were doing it for! And truth be told, they watched over those cats like they were made of diamonds! They carried them around with them long after they could have set them down. They were made by by The Cuddle Clones Company and modelled on our four cats.”


“Paul and I are music nerds”, she continued. “We have a large record collection in addition to digital music. I did a search for record  and cassette centerpieces and found the record bowls and tape lights. I made all the record bowls and Event Creative put together the tape lights and printed out the record covers (to use instead of table numbers). Since we weren’t using flowers for bouquets, it seemed weird to me to use them for décor (plus I didn’t want to use flowers, period). I did some searching online for music themed boy accessories and quickly found 7″ record adapters: cufflinks, tie clips and pins. The boys wore the pin instead of a boutonnières.”