Plants and Taxidermy, An Artistic Cape Cod Wedding: Natasha & Jared

Krista Photography

October 8, 2013


Both artists, Natasha and Jared knew they wanted a creative wedding. The idea or something too themed or matchy-matchy didn’t appeal to them at all so they forgot about colour schemes and just included things they really liked!

“We were not afraid to be eclectic”, wrote Natasha. “Jared and I did not want to dictate how others acted or dressed at our wedding. Some wore costumes, some jeans, some very elegant formal wear, and it all looked great! I think this is our style naturally it just came out more that day.”


“We had a lot of help from our friends and family. My mom is also an artist and when she asked what I wanted I said thrones. We now have them in our house! She encrusted found objects on solid antique chairs, painted them and then covered them with resin. Woah they are amazing! Also our friend Colette Peters who, in my opinion, was the original out of the box cake decorator, made a plant fantasy cake that we decorated with taxidermy mice.”


“Jared is way into plants”, she continued, “so we made terrariums for all the tables. They were decorated with collected objects and sculptures that some of the guests made for us!  They are very easy to make. All the plants were collected ferns and moss from my mom’s yard.”


“Neither of us ever really pictured a big wedding, so we had nothing to be disappointed about if something happened to go wrong”, she concluded. “A wedding was not something we needed to define our relationship, and we certainly didn’t want the pressure of a big day. But then a few things happened: we realized we did want to share the way we felt with the closest people to us, and my parents moved to Cape Cod, one of the most beautiful places in the country, so it was the perfect setting. The beach weather was perfect – sunny and hot during the day and clear and breezy at night. Everyone came and seemed to have a blast. My cousins were in shock at how rowdy our dance floor was!”