Beach Front Wedding with the Bride Arriving on a Zipline: Joanna & Stephen

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Well here’s something you don’t see everyday! The wedding of Joanna and Stephen was held at Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay, but instead of just walking down the aisle, Joanna and her father zipwired from the clifftop above down on to the beach. AH-MAZING!

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“We have been together for nearly 10 years and did not feel that a traditional wedding suited us, we are both quirky and creative and we really wanted a wedding that encompassed that”, began Joanna. “We wanted our guests to have fun, we wanted them to not have to think, just turn up and be guided by our excellent ushers and best men to each part of the day. We wanted the day to be an event, to showcase us and our family and friends. The entrance via zipline was so exciting and my Dad and I really felt like James Bonds as we abseiled down to the beach. My Dad hates heights so he did incredibly well! The whole beach when silent before we descended and as soon as our feet left the platform the whole beach cheered!”

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“We wanted our wedding to be fun and for everyone to feel relaxed”, she continued. “We told everyone to bring their swim stuff and a change of clothes if it was hot and they wanted to change. We had people swimming, sunbathing on rocks, dancing, chilling on the sand and sitting on a wall drinking Pimms all at the same time. The sea was really cooling and almost everyone swam. It was lovely to be in the sea on my wedding day, it’s funny how many people told me in the lead up to the wedding that we couldn’t swim, let alone zipline on the day and that the very thought of it was ridiculous. We knew that our guests would embrace the day though, and we’re so glad that they did!”

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After an emotional ceremony, came the quirky DIY reception. The couple handmade a lot of the décor items to save money but also to add those personal touches. “We wanted a beach wedding with a vintage meets modern twist”, Joanna explained. “We chose a range of yellow and blue tones, which are complimentary colours and avoided the need for exact colour matching. It also gave us the opportunity to play with hand making things and removed the expense of making everything exactly the same colour.”

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“We bought our lanterns and buckets for our flowers from Ikea. We sprayed 60 plastic fish and attached them to little stands made from cardboard and wire and then we attached tiny luggage labels with handwritten names on them as place markers. My Dad added ribbon to an old basket we had and one of my bridesmaids painstakingly pick every single daisy from her garden, dry them and fill it for our natural confetti. We also made 60 metres of bunting, I sewed it all together and Steve cut and pinned the triangles.”

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“My favourite moment was having several groups of friends and family all together dancing and in swimming in the sea”, Joanna concluded. “We loved how the different groups got together and made new friends as we’re all like-minded people. We had so many half naked hugs in the sea, it was so funny, I never expected to do that on our wedding day! It was just great to be able to throw a massive party and see everyone enjoy it. Steve loved my costume change and seeing me in my custom made bikini looking glam in the sea. I loved swimming with pearls on while people we knew were everywhere, in the sea, sunbathing on rocks, playing on the beach and dancing in the marquee.”

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  1. AWESOME! This looks brilliant – so much fun. I ADORE the photo of the Bride and her Dad in his shades walking up th ebeach after the Zip wire and all those people on the beach – wow wow and wow again. Sooooo cool xxxxx

  2. We have spent many a holiday down in Newquay when our girls were younger. I can only remember great sunny days down on Lusty Glaze Beach and watching the more adventurous folk zip wire across this small cove. I also remember those steps down to the beach carrying car loads of stuff but thats another story.
    The Beach is a stunning location for a wedding and this couple are obviously accustomed to the Cornish way of life of Sun,Sea and Surf and just having adventure. Great shoes by the way .

  3. Oh wow! What a wedding I cant believe they came in on zip wires!!! That cake as well. We made a similar one for my daughters birthday but that is something special!

  4. Super gorgeous – I love this wedding and soooo exciting on the zip line! 🙂 Such beautiful weather too! Gorgeous photos Michelle, lovely post x

  5. Emma Walker

    OMG, I LOVE (sorry to shout) this wedding, and wow…..Michelle has captured the fun and spirit of the day wonderfully. What a great post, just when you think you’ve seen it all….R&R proves you wrong again 🙂

  6. We were so happy to have Michelle photograph our wedding, she captured the day beautifully. We had so much fun, with everyone & it was such a hot day. I recomend swimming on your wedding day, it was such a hot day and it was so refreshing and lovely. We want to thank everyone who came and made it great. Steve my love thanks for all that you do & for helping me to make such a great group of family and friends. 10 year anniversary next year!

    Michelle we are delighted with your work and will continue to enjoy your shots for the rest of our days. We reccomend you wholeheartedly. x


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