Brighton Beach and Retro American Diner Wedding: Gena & Lea


Gena and Lea were married on the beach in front of The Shoosh Club in Brighton. They wanted a fun and relaxed wedding and so after lunch and milkshakes at JB’s Diner they booked the VIP area of the club for their after party! Neither venues needed decorating and he whole thing was cost effective and chilled out for the couple and their guests.


“Our wedding was a beach wedding with a 1950s and 60s twist!” wrote the bride. “My whole family travelled over from Belgium, France, Sweden, Finland and so we really had a three day wedding, with late dinners and early breakfasts with everyone all week. We were over the moon to have everyone around us for three entire days! Our friends and family made the wedding awesome. We had a dress code and most of them respected it.”


“My favourite moments were hearing the crowd cheering, applauding and crying during the ceremony,” she concluded. “It was magical! The priest we booked is also a magician and was worth every penny.”




  1. chrissie

    i love this wedding – im having the same for my wedding in Nov

    proper grub!

    you both look beautiful

  2. Marie Ceku

    Thank you guys.
    This means a lot to me as I worked on it for 13 months to have it all cool relaxed, laid back but perfect for me.
    Thx again

  3. Angela

    Wow!!! This is super beautiful! Sooo chilled and the vibe looks amazing! Also, those shoes! LOVE! What a beautiful bride!

  4. Luci wedge

    Beautiful sunny brighton I love it ..almost forgot what it looks like with this long winter..
    What a picture perfect day, the bride looked effortlessly beautiful
    Love the carousel photos and the ceremony was on the beach,how amazing
    I didn’t know that was possible ?

  5. Wowsers. Just love this, so relaxed fun and happy. And JBs Diner looks absolutely delish…*salivates*

    The carousel photos are amazing! So cool – thanks for sharing. x


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