A Las Vegas Zombie Party!

July 9, 2010

I’d love to go to a wedding like Patrick & Carla’s – a small, personal and seriously fun wedding in Las Vegas. They basically had a really fun holiday with all their best friends and got married at the same time! Carla told me all about their wedding story and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Methinks you will likey…

“We decided to go to Las Vegas for several reasons. (We are a Denver, CO area couple.)  When we first started planning our shindig it was going to be a small affair, about 30 people or so.  But even an event that small seems to be a lot of work, and take a lot of cash.  We found ourselves talking about the wedding and always saying, “Everyone will love that.” or “what do you think people will think?”  And we discovered that we were starting to plan our wedding for everyone else.  So we decided to rethink our wedding and make it completely and totally us and all about us. One problem we had was money. Neither of us makes a ton of it, so we had to think what we can do to have fun, that won’t cost a fortune and still have a honeymoon.  Patrick came up with Vegas.  We decided to cut the guest list way down too.  Patrick’s father is elderly, and wouldn’t be able to make the trip, so to be fair I talked to my parents and asked if they minded not going.  They actually didn’t freak out.” 

“We wanted to party and have fun with our best friends.  Vegas was the perfect place for that.  When we think Vegas….we both think retro.  We’ve both grown up with an appreciation and fascination with the Rat Pack that was sort of the vibe we wanted. We wanted a laid back cool kind of look and a super laid back reception.  We got married at The Little Chapel of Flowers, my older brother got married there in 1999. In the afternoon we met everyone for lunch at the New York, New York in an Irish Pub called Nine Fine Irishmen.  We both have some Irish in our heritage, and what a better way to celebrate being husband and wife than with a pint and a corned beef sandwich?  They had an entertainer there that played some songs, and he played a song for us so we could dance. It was the perfect reception for us.”

Huge thanks to Patrick & Carla for sharing their incredibly fun wedding with us today – just invite me next time!

Credit: Brandon Collup with Gin & Sake
Ceremony Venue: The Little Chapel of Flowers
Reception Venue: Nine Fine Irishmen
Bride’s Dress: Unique Vintage
Bride’s Headpiece/Birdcage Veil: It’s the Little Things on Etsy
Bride’s Shoes: Aldo – Secondhand from Plato’s Closet, handpainted by the bride
Bride’s Jewellery: Diy/Homemade
Bride’s Brooch: Vintage earring
Maid of Honour’s Dress: Alysha from Target
Maid of Honour’s Shoes: Handpainted by the groom
Groom’s Suit:  English Laundry
Cufflinks: Tudeux on Etsy
Tie: Nautica
Shoes: District 9
Cake: Dunkin Donuts
Flowers: From grocery stores and put together by the bride and maid of honour
Hair & Make Up: Diy