Married Four Times in One Week: A Retro Rockabilly Vegas Wedding Extravaganza!

Erin Roberts Photography

August 5, 2022

When Rhiannon and Rory decided to elope in Vegas, they couldn’t really decide which ceremony option to go for – the Neon Museum, a classic chapel, a walking drive-in window or one at a vintage car show… so they did all four!

“Vegas was the inspiration in itself I think!” the bride told us. “We’ve both been to Vegas a few times separately, but this was our first visit together. Our legal ceremony was the first one, at the Neon Museum, officiated by Peachy Keen Unions (the other three were technically vow renewals). Berlynn was brilliant, and really matched our vibe. Her words were heartfelt and authentic, and we had space to both read our own vows. We’d written them on Las Vegas postcards the day before. It was windy and completely overcast, but in many ways it just added to the drama! We had no guests, just our photographer Erin Roberts, and the museum staff. They were incredibly warm and really helped to calm my nerves.”

After the ceremony and some photos, they hopped in a taxi to The Golden Tiki, a fabulous Tiki bar in Vegas followed by The Peppermill, an originally authentic 1970s neon restaurant.

Two days later, they were ready to do it all again, this time at A Little White Chapel, where you can get married while sat in a pink Cadillac. Their photographer for this day was Ashley Marie Myers. “She brought with her such a wonderful calm yet excited energy”, Rhiannon told us. “It was just what we needed, as a couple, ironically not keen on posing for pictures. I’d been worried/curious as to whether the vows would feel ‘the same’, or somehow silly, but the ceremony felt just as serious as the first one. We loved the minister’s words, and didn’t at all begrudge the awkward envelope you get handed at Vegas weddings to put your $60 dollar tip in.”

“We had our photo shoot with Ashley, and then we headed out for a day in Vegas. We started with some gambling. We’re not gamblers, but it felt rude not to! So we went to El Cortez hotel and casino and gave roulette a go! We then headed to Alexxa’s, and had a cocktail served in a disco ball. We enjoyed a walk up and down the strip, and people are very friendly to people who are dressed in wedding gear!”

48 hours later and it was time for round three, this time a walking to a drive-in ceremony at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel. They only booked this once they arrived in Vegas and didn’t hire a photographer, so it was pretty low-key and quick but fun none-the-less!

Their forth and final ceremony was the very next day, at the vintage car show at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival. Both rockabilly fans, this felt like the perfect time to say some more vows! “We hadn’t planned on Elvis marrying us, but actually he was great”, the bride said. “It was fun, but still special, and the vows hadn’t become any ‘less’ over the week. After our vows, we had our photo shoot with Radiant Inc, posing with some incredibly valuable cars. We enjoyed the car show for the afternoon, before heading back to our hotel room, ready to fly back to London.”

They then had to celebrate with their loved ones back in the UK too so they hired God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow for their reception party. They created a Spotify playlist, ordered pizza delivery, drank cocktails and caught up with everybody.

“There’s nothing we’d change about how we got married”, Rhiannon concluded. “Our biggest costs were hiring four photographers, but we saved so much on our outfits. My dresses were all second-hand from eBay (the most expensive one was £100 and the cheapest only £7) and my bouquet was only £17! Our advice to other couples is to really think about what you want from the experience. Put yourself first and don’t feel a pressure to put on a show – if you want to wear Nike trainers, just do it! Also book
photographers early – they get booked up!”