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Married Four Times in One Week: A Retro Rockabilly Vegas Wedding Extravaganza!

When Rhiannon and Rory decided to elope in Vegas, they couldn’t really decide which ceremony option to go for – the Neon Museum, a classic chapel, a walking drive-in window or one at a vintage car show… so they did all four!

“Vegas was the inspiration in itself I think!” the bride told us. “We’ve both been to Vegas a few times separately, but this was our first visit together. Our legal ceremony was the first one, at the Neon Museum, officiated by Peachy Keen Unions (the other three were technically vow renewals). Berlynn was brilliant, and really matched our vibe. Her words were heartfelt and authentic, and we had space to both read our own vows. We’d written them on Las Vegas postcards the day before. It was windy and completely overcast, but in many ways it just added to the drama! We had no guests, just our photographer Erin Roberts, and the museum staff. They were incredibly warm and really helped to calm my nerves.”

After the ceremony and some photos, they hopped in a taxi to The Golden Tiki, a fabulous Tiki bar in Vegas followed by The Peppermill, an originally authentic 1970s neon restaurant.

Two days later, they were ready to do it all again, this time at A Little White Chapel, where you can get married while sat in a pink Cadillac. Their photographer for this day was Ashley Marie Myers. “She brought with her such a wonderful calm yet excited energy”, Rhiannon told us. “It was just what we needed, as a couple, ironically not keen on posing for pictures. I’d been worried/curious as to whether the vows would feel ‘the same’, or somehow silly, but the ceremony felt just as serious as the first one. We loved the minister’s words, and didn’t at all begrudge the awkward envelope you get handed at Vegas weddings to put your $60 dollar tip in.”

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A Low-Key Leafy Wedding in a Plant Shop

Armed with a budget of $2000, Lici and Jadon had their December wedding in Carrie Lynn’s Plant Shop, in Summerlin, Las Vegas. They didn’t have a formal reception, instead they went to the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace instead. This laid back bride wore a dress and veil which her mum found in a thrift store in Florida – she didn’t even see them in person until the morning of the wedding!

“I think getting married in a plant shop pretty much stands out within itself”, Lici told us hen we asked about their day. “When I tell people they’re usually mind-boggled, trying to picture it. I wanted something natural and I love plants, and Berlynn, our wedding planner, had the idea for Carrie Lynns!”

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Family-Focused, Fun Vegas Wedding with a Pizza Party Reception

Adelina and Aiden chose to make their April 2022 Vegas wedding family-focused as, prior to their celebration, neither of them had seen their families for over two years! “I cried tears of joy for weeks when New Zealand opened up for travel post-pandemic,” Adelina told us. “Initially we sped up our wedding and just thought we’d elope, but the guest list kept on growing. We had people join us from New Zealand, Singapore, Australia and the UK.”

With no planned theme in mind, the order of the day was to bring the fun! They kept things super simple, booking a bouquet with Bloomsday and a Vegas- themed cake with the ubiquitous Cakedup Lv and let the rest flow naturally!

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Why You Should be Selfish on Your Wedding Day

It’s time to rip up the rule book. If you’re reading this website than it’s probably QUITE likely that you already agree with this sentiment, but today we want to encourage you to take it one step further.

It’s OK to elope
It’s OK to not wear white
It’s OK to accompany yourselves down the aisle
It’s OK to cut your guests list
It’s OK to not want to be the centre of attention
Its OK to not invite children
It’s OK to have a destination wedding
It’s OK to spend very little… or a lot!

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Glam Vintage Vegas Wedding at the Neon Graveyard

Amber and Christopher are a couple who weren’t afraid to buck tradition so an intimate wedding ceremony, held at the oh-so-cool Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas was perfect for their glam, retro inspired day them!

“We wanted a wedding that was more ‘us’ and was fun”, Amber told us. “We don’t really love dancing or the traditional wedding activities. We were married by an Elvis that we didn’t tell our guests about beforehand! We asked our guests to wear their Vegas best which included feathers, sequins and fun prints.”

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Vintage Las Vegas Elopement Meets Vietnamese Tradition

Meeting 20 minutes after ringing in the new year in 2013, Toan and Sewa decided to elope to Vegas to celebrate with a fusion of Vietnamese and American style. They took elements of traditional Vietnamese and American wedding ideas but made them work for them. “Eloping meant we got to do it our way, without the pressure of what guests may think”, the bride said.

Toan was keen to honour her roots, as well as embrace an American wedding, meaning she got two dresses to celebrate in. She explained, “One thing that was important to me was wearing a traditional red Ao Dai for my wedding. Wearing red is auspicious in my culture and we wanted to make sure our day was good vibes only. Vegas provided us a perfect venue for that. We also included the red element in our florals and instead of a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony before the ceremony, we opted for an intimate champagne toast which is typically a western concept.”

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The Addams Family Meets a Rockabilly Las Vegas Elopement

Kennedy and Mitch were set on a quick and simple elopement and they chose Las Vegas as the place to do it. Kennedy told us, “No vows, no music, just us, Breena our officiant, Brandi our photographer and all our family and friends on livestream.”

They chose The Neon Museum in for their ceremony, a gorgeous venue with plenty of scope for Brandi to take some incredible shots. Vegas has so many spots for epic photos, and the couple were keen to get to as many as possible.

The couple did their day completely their own way, citing their theme as ‘The Addams Family meets Rockabilly’ with a DIY coffin ring box and fake flowers from the craft store to create a bouquet. Kennedy’s ring was her Great Aunt’s and they celebrated with pizza afterwards.

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Gothic Glamour Vegas Elopement With a Touch of Old Hollywood Charm

Elopement guarantees you can do things your own way, with no pressure from anyone. Having hosted many family holiday gatherings, Shannon and Nina knew that for this celebration, they needed to escape, just the two of them. Shannon explained, “There’s something so rock n roll rebellious about running off to Vegas!”

Obsessed with all things Halloween as well as metal music, the couple got married in October, choosing The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, with a vibe to suit their style. “The neon museum gave a post-apocalyptic, yet glamourous rocker or old Hollywood movie star vibe! A very fitting reminder that as chaotic as the world and life may become, we will always have each other and will always make the best of it together,” Shannon told us. 

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Dark, Edgy & Intimate Valley of Fire Wedding

Marissa and Darren didn’t want any of the ‘fluff’ that comes with a traditional wedding day; they just wanted to get married and focus on the two of them. The theme for their September day came naturally from their dark and edgy personal style, with help from Cactus and Lace to take their ideas and apply them to the Valley of Fire location the couple chose for their big day. 

They had just 10 guests in attendance and skipped out on having a traditional wedding shower, reception, and bridal parties. Therefore they were able to keep to their $5,000 budget for their day, excluding flights and guest accommodation. Marissa cites hiring wedding planners as the best decision she made for their day. “During the months leading up to the wedding, people would always ask us “how’s wedding planning?!” and my answer was always that I literally have done nothing! We bought our outfits and booked fights & hotels. Everything else was taken care of by Cactus and Lace. I had absolutely zero stress throughout the whole thing!”

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Laidback & Intimate Red Rock Canyon Vow Renewal

When Kiesha and Stephen originally got married a decade ago, only a handful of their loved ones were able to make it due to short notice and Keisha wore a Target clearance dress that wasn’t her favourite. “Ever since, I’ve wanted a ‘redo ‘ where we still keep things small and intimate, but I get a beautiful dress and we have everyone we love surrounding us!”

They didn’t plan their day like a wedding; instead, they chose a ceremony location and knew that they wanted to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate. The rest fell into place as reasons to keep the celebration going.

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Effortless, Chic & Romantic Las Vegas Desert Wedding

Together with 20 of their closest family and friends, Claudia and Maxime finally tied the knot in May of this year in an intimate elopement in the middle of the Las Vegas desert. “We met while I was studying in France,” Claudia told us, “so the best thing about getting married was finally getting to be together after spending so long in a long distance relationship!”

The bride’s sister is a florist, so they had a jumpstart on planning the proceedings. “I’ve always envisioned a desert elopement-style wedding after seeing some of the amazing ones by sister works on for her business Flora Pop.” Of course she provided Claudia’s bouquet for the occasion, and sister also officiated proceedings too.

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Nerdy Pop Culture Wedding in Las Vegas

Launa and Josh wanted an October wedding in Las Vegas with alternative details that referenced their favourite games, movies and TV shows. The bride chose a red sequin 50s inspired dress from FairyGothMother with matching Converse and carried a paper flower bouquet made by Paper Bouquets from Harry Potter pages to represent her, comic pages to represent Josh and Magic the Gathering cards to represent them together.

“We wanted a blend of vintage meets classic Vegas for our wedding and to add our own nerdy touches”, Launa said. “I had four bridesmaids all in a colour from each Hogwarts house, we had a reading of Joey’s speech from Monica and Chandler’s wedding and a poem about aliens called The Day the Saucers Came by Neil Gaiman. Our vows were the vows from the Corpse Bride with a Game of Thrones reference thrown in at the end and we did a candle lighting of a Jack and Sally candle from Nightmare Before Christmas.”

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Blow Meets Boho: A 1970s Inspired Las Vegas Wedding

Nothing screams Rock n Roll Bride more than a Las Vegas wedding and Kerissa and Nick – with their money throwing, sequin dress and white suit wearing, desert photographing, marrying by Elvis day are rock ‘n’ roll through and through! They even hired one of our favourite Las Vegas photographers, Ashley Marie Myers to do their pictures.

Kerissa, a California girl met a tattooed boy, Nick from Missouri, when they both moved St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands in the same week. Nick proposed September 2020 in Tahoe and the two decided to run to the city of love to be married.

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