Sweethearts in South Africa

This is my second South African post within so many days and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna dig this one just as much as the last. The lovely Laura actually found photographer Kat Forsyth through a post on Rock n Roll Bride so this session is even a little extra special to me. The Australian bride-to-be will be marrying her South African sweetheart Gustav (who she met in the UK – boy are these guys travelled!) back in Australia later this year and judging from the coolness of this engagement session, I just know their wedding is going to be Rock n Roll Bride worthy!

Thanks to Kat for sharing this fabulous session with some of my very own readers! I’m chuffed to feature them!

If you’ve found your photographer or any of your wedding vendors through Rock n Roll Bride I’d love to know about it! Drop me an email with all the juicy details…

Credit: Kat Forsyth Photography


  1. Thanks Kat!

    I am SO stoked to be featured on my favorite wedding blog, we both are!

    Thanks both Kat’s for that matter!


  2. I just LOVE this blog also. The inspiration is amazing and this shoot is another fine example of that! Thanks 🙂


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