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A DIY Dream in Their Own Backyard


Lonely Hunter Weddings

March 8, 2024

Stephanie and Ryan were married at the bride's parent's home. They wanted a budget-friendly DIY day which was themed around their favourite colours. "I had always wanted a beautiful deep navy/ blue as my wedding colour theme", the bride told us. "This happened to suit Ryan too with his red hair and blue eyes. As we started looking for bridesmaid dresses we found these beautiful marigold coloured ones and fell in love. The colour scheme then shifted to include marigolds and yellow/orange tones as well as all the blue."

Musical Festival & 1970s-Inspired, Totally DIY Wedding at Camp Sunnystones


It’s Beautiful Here

January 19, 2024

When two band members fall in love and decide to get married, you know it’s going to be a party. Taking inspiration from venues they’ve played at together and their favourite music festival, Mit and Jag set out to create a dreamy, retro and fun multi-day homage to their unique story at the incredible Camp Sunnystones – an architecturally significant 1970s school camp set in the bushland of regional Victoria in Australia.

Sustainable, Native Flower Inspired Yarra Valley Wedding


Sarah Godenzi

January 16, 2024

Describing their wedding theme as "relaxed, welcoming and a little bit farmy", Erin and Adrian ultimately aimed for a down-to-earth and relaxed atmosphere. Their love for nature and passion for sustainability played a significant role in shaping the day, from their outdoor ceremony, their use of native flowers and even the bride's sustainable dress, which was made from the fabric of the one her mother wore when she got married.