‘Til Death Do Us Party Wedding Shoot: Angelo & Rin

July 22, 2011


Angelo & Rin’s super quirky, super fun and super them engagement shoot was split into themes – each one styled (by the couple) to represent different areas of their relationship. “We had two locations for our shoot–in our house and at my old college, where Angelo and I met,” Rin explained. “The Field, Picnic, Skate, and Steps sessions were taken at the alma matter at our university. The ‘Steps/Skate’ location is actually exactly where I met Angelo (with his punk rock band) at an outdoor rock concert. ‘The Field’ and ‘Picnic’ sessions showcased more romantic side to our relationship.”

“The ‘Chalk/Suspenders Sessions’ showcases some of the other things we love doing–doodling/creating art, dressing up and goofing around with our dogs. The ‘Balloon Session’ was a tribute to our indie side, and in the ‘Bed Session’ shows how we like rocking out, drinking beer, and how we imagine married life to be like.”

“Finally,the ‘Switcheroo Session’ illustrates the androgynous nature of our relationship. Physically, Angelo looks girlier than me (he’s fairer, practically poreless and zitless… and more docile!) and I’m pretty much a tomboy. But on a deeper note, what’s great about our relationship is that we don’t let gender stereotypes define our roles in our marriage. And in a traditional patriarchal Christian society like the Philippines, that’s pretty cool.”

“Angelo and I were super lucky to have design/photography duo Everywhere We Shoot on board to do our prenup photography,” bride-to-be Rin continued. “These guys are friends who frequent the same gigs, art spaces, and thrift shops that we go to. Their philosophy has always been to keep doing and creating, not for money, but just because they love what they do. And knowing that we were on a budget-DIY-wedding, they agreed to do a pro bono engagement shoot for us in a heartbeat. I was also blessed to have a former schoolmate slash band groupie of mine, Kitty Caragay, do my make-up.”

“Before the shoot, we exchanged emails with Everywhere We Shoot sharing photography styles/fashion/make-up we liked. Of course, a LOT of our references came from Rock n Roll Bride. Everywhere We Shoot loved our ideas and they were really stoked to work with us because they knew that we were all on the same wavelength.”


Everywhere We Shoot did a great job in capturing our individuality, as well as showing our personality as a couple,” Rin continued. “The photos were very playful, they showed us doing the things we love, being silly, and just having fun together. The styling and production design was done by us so that the shoot would be 100% genuine. Our props consisted of our toys (bubbles, guitars, skulls, dolls), junk in the house, vintage stuff that we love (cameras, books, vinyls), and my darling doggie-siblings.”


“Our wedding will be inspired by our passion for design and music, and challenged by a very tight budget. Hence, we set out to express our undying love for each other through a vintage-Rock-n-Roll-do-it-yourself wedding (and pre-wedding shoot) which we fondly named “Till Death Do Us Party.”

What a cute session to round off a fabulous week on the blog!

Thanks to Angelo & Rin and their photographers Everywhere We Shoot for sharing this with us today.

Photography Credit: Everywhere We Shoot