A Supermarket Engagement Shoot: Shing & Lynnette

September 26, 2012

Are you ready for something slightly weird and wonderful this morning? Well Shing & Lynnette’s engagement shoot sure fits that bill! Based in Singapore, Raymond Phang Photography loves to shoot things a little bit wacky, and uses his pre-wedding shoot time with this clients to really push the boat out and have fun.

“The inspiration behind this concept came from the couple’s real life courtship days”, wrote Raymond. “Our story was this…the bride has a broken leg and so had to be on a trolley with the groom pushing her around in the supermarket. Halfway through shopping, he gets distracted by the saucy FHM magazine which incurred the wrath of the bride. She decided to flash out a large trout and gave him a slap across the face. Then she gets up, wraps the groom in toilet roll and pays for her purchase… which is a husband.”

Erm… as you do…

Broken leg? large trout?!? See… I told you… a little weird but wonderful!

Some of you will love these. I’d imagine some of you will hate them… but for me, that’s what being on Rock n Roll Bride is all about – something a little different!

Thank you to Shing & Lynnette and photographer Raymond for letting us into your weird little world this morning!

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Raymond Phang Photography


  1. Renee

    This shoot was beautiful and I’m so glad you posted it. This is the kind of stuff that gives a lot of people confidence and inspires those that don’t. I think the idea of not shying away of nudity and intimacy is a lot more helpful than the mainstream pre-wedding content you usuall find (diet diet diet).
    I can’t wait to get married one day and have an excuse to rewatch all your videos with Helen, but in the meantime, RocknRoll Bride has been my go-to for all things wedding when helping my sister who’s getting married in September.
    (I hope my comment makes sense grammatically haha, I just woke up and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.)

  2. Ellie

    At first I was like “why would you do this?!” But then I read the article and understood more. Its actually really beautiful and brave for putting yourselves out there. Fair play to them

  3. Jennifer

    I don’t know if I would personally be comfortable doing this myself, although I love the shower photos so much. They all turned out so beautiful either way.

  4. I absolutely love everything about this shoot. It’s intimate, yes, but that’s what couples are, no?
    More than that, this feels authentic and so *them*. Thanks for sharing a different point of view.

  5. I adore Sarah’s work, it is totally unique, and she is never afraid to break new ground. These images are beautiful, touching, proper grown up art!


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