A Zombie Apocalypse Engagement Shoot: Nicola & Simon

Hold on one second… Now I know I always say that I have the coolest readers but OMG I SERIOUSLY HAVE THE COOLEST READERS! I have four words that will prove it to you too… Zombie. Apocalypse. Engagement. Shoot.

God, yes…

So back in January, wedding photographer Rebecca L used this little wedding blog of mine to host an amazing photography contest. She wanted to give away 10 free engagement shoots, with the most epic of them all winning their wedding photography as well! While I couldn’t share all 10 engagement shoots I knew I had to post this one… and in case you were in any doubt, yes these guys won the grand prize. Hello, ZOMBIES. Zombies trump everything.

“The idea of a zombie engagement shoot was exciting enough, but I cant even tell you how much effort Nicola and Simon put into pulling it off”, Rebecca told me. “Because zombie engagement shoots have been done before they wanted to stage a full zombie apocalypse. We hired a zombie army of 13, an abandoned building on Syon Lane and the wonderfullly talented hair and make up artist Elbie van Eeden who transformed everyone into epically amazingly looking zombies.”

“We also had a huge array of props to play with. Three pints of fake blood, an axe, a hedge trimmer, replica guns, a Zombie Survival Guide, a real lamb heart, a ‘the end is nigh’ sign. I also had the help of amazingly talented Odin Raven who is the master of photographing abandoned buildings and processing HDR photos.”

“The day was great”, Nicola took over. “Lovely Elbie helped us with the make up and Rebecca mobilized a few of her friends to be our undead army. I can’t believe how many people took the day of work just to help us. We had the best fun ever running around the huge factory, jumping over dead pigeons and swinging axes about. We couldn’t wait to see the pictures and when we did we were stunned. Rebecca had done an awesome job! I love the fact that in years to come we can show our kids pictures of us being kick-ass.”

AMAZING. Thank you to Nicola & Simon, Rebecca and the whole team for sharing this awesome shoot with us. And if you would like to see the 9 other winning engagement shoots, you can check them out on Rebecca’s blog! Stripes! Cats! Space hoppers! Trains! Pirates! God damn my readers are cool… oh yeah I said that already didn’t I?


  • Photography: Rebecca L Weddings
  • Hair & Make Up: Elbie van Eeden
  • Location: Abandoned Gillette Building, Syon Lane
  • Zombie Army: Elbie van Eeden, Louize Small, Yvette Crompton, Rebecca Williamson, Mischief of London, James Bailes, Martin Packman, Katherine


  1. Nettie

    I love when couples have an idea that really captures what their relationship is like – fun, playful, goofy and loving. Beyond awesome.

  2. That’s one hell of an anti-engagement shoot! Irish-based zombie lovers should go see the stage version of Night of the Living Dead in Kilkenny in July. Zombie hen party maybe??

  3. That picture of Elbie with the pigeon just made me spit my tea out laughing ! What a brilliant fun shoot – Have to say the couple did an amazing job acting the part really expressive. Very original and wonderfully done.

  4. This is the best engagement shoot I’ve ever seen. If I ever had a client ask me for something like this, I’d be one very happy camera lady.

  5. stephanie

    this is the most awesome kick-ass engagement shoot ever! absolutely brilliant! zombie wedding to follow . . . . ??? =)

  6. Deb

    Awesome idea and photography, I just wish the make-up was more creative! Don’t get me wrong, white faces with black eye bags and fake blood is cool but I’d rather (and have done) used make-up/latex to have bits of their faces falling off. Cool idea though 🙂

  7. Amazingly awesome. I have a couple who would have done something similar but the bride is only allowing the groom one zombie reference – so he is holding it until the wedding.

  8. I was one of the zombies, and I can attest to the fact that this was SO much fun! When I told my husband it was happening, he actually took the day off work so he could come and be a zombie too. I mean, how often do you get to top up your fake blood and smear it on windows and go “aaaargh” a lot? 🙂 So much fun! Thanks, Nicola and Simon for the awesome concept! And Elbie for zombiefying us, and Rebecca for the pics (which we all got copies of to frame, as one does).


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