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A Year in Instagram

I’m not gonna lie, one of my highlights of 2012 was when Instagram came to android in March. Sad? Yes – Embarrassed? No!

I’ve loved looking back at my year though the snapshots (over 1000 of them!) that I’ve taken. And if you don’t follow me already, whydontya?! I’m rocknrollbride (shocking!)

Las Vegas in February

las vegas

(stolen from Lisa, Gala & Shauna because I didn’t have Instagram then but I felt this trip needed to be included..!)

– Heart Attack Grill (so gross and no we didn’t eat here!) – Instax obsessed – meeting some readers who literally just got married! – kisses – welcome to fabulous Las Vegas – elevator dancing – Elton mouse – the holy trinity – #bloggerface –

New York in May

new york in may

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The Underwoods

My Mum hates having her photo taken, so for Christmas last year I did what any loving daughter would and bought her a photo shoot with Lisa! Although I know she was grateful for the gesture I also know she was ridiculously nervous about the whole thing… which is probably why, after much persuasion and coercion from yours truly, they only just got around to booking it.

But photographs are important. Memories are important. And I wanted my parents to have some really great photographs and memories of the two of them as they are right now – happy, totally in love and really really great parents.

Yep prepare yourself, dear reader, this blog post is about to get a little bit gushy…

I love my parents with all my heart, and although I know my Mum really didn’t enjoy being in front of the camera (turns out my Dad on the other hand is a massive poser – he’s clearly who I get that from!) I really hope they can look at these photographs for years to come and realise how great they look and how in love they are – yep, even after 30 years of marriage!

I’m a bit rubbish at saying it sometimes, but I really do love you Mum & Dad. You are the best parents ever. Thank you both for everything you do for me and my sisters. Thank you for the constant support and love. I always know how proud you are of me and I really do appreciate it, it’s just hard to find those words sometimes.

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Welcome to Rock n Roll Bride 2.0: The Green Room

In 2007 I started a wedding blog, called it Rock n Roll Bride and began sharing alternative weddings and inspiration – wedding inspiration for girls like me. Girls that were planning their weddings but felt disillusioned and disheartened by the frou frou, fluffy, cookie cutter industry and limited choices they were offered for ‘their’ big day.

Skip forward a few years, to January 2012, and this little wedding blog of mine has grown to be amongst the most popular in the world (OK it feels utterly ludicrous typing that but I guess it is true…) Needless to say, the girl with the silly neon hair and big dreams did good. This wedding blog is now not only my full time job, but my husband Gareth’s. We have an incredibly chaotic and happy home and we couldn’t be more grateful for where Rock n Roll Bride, and the people who’ve supported it, has brought us.

I love alternative weddings. I love the girls (and the few boys!) who read my blog, who comment, who email and who keep me sane – but similarly I love the connections I’ve made within the industry. The genuine friendships that have formed with like-minded wedding industry folk, who want to do things their own way and show the big boys who’s rocking the wedding world right now. Starting out as a nobody in this outwardly daunting industry, you quickly work out who the good guys are, and who the bigwigs who’ll turn away when you walk towards them are!

I guess what I’m trying to say in my usual roundabout way, is that looking back (and trying not to be blush) I have actually come pretty darn far in the last 4+ years and I now really want to use my blog to share more of the lessons I’ve learnt and experiences I’ve had along the way. I guess I want to give something back.

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2011, The Year That Was {Part Two: July – December}

Here it comes, my round-up of the second half of the year. Looking back at everything that’s happened in 2011 makes me feel totally exhausted but incredibly proud all at the same time. I literally have no words to describe how thankful I am to every single one of you for your support. Without you NONE OF THIS would have been possible. I am forever in your debt.


I met and worked with the incredible Jasmine Star in her first London workshop. This was a huge deal for me. I am unashamedly a Jasmine Star superfan and the whole experience was a total whirlwind. Meeting her was definitely one of my highlights of the year.

I was also featured in Marie Claire Magazine here in the UK in their article on ‘super-bloggers’. Since then, the piece has also been published in the Greek, Indian and Australian editions of the magazine!

I chose (with your help) the new Rock n Roll Bride intern, Roo!

Gareth & I were interviewed on BBC Radio Berkshire (listen here)

Wedding of the Month – Regula & Bruno’s Creative, Spooky & Wonderful Wedding

Photography Credit: Assassynation

Other notable Blog Posts:

July press round-up
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Jachen & Monica’s Travel Themed, Whimsical Woodland-Inspired Wedding 
Being Happy
How to…Dress as a Wedding Photographer
Wedding Fashion for Plus Sized Brides 


Gareth and I headed stateside as I was invited by one of my internet idols, Princess Lasertron to walk the catwalk for her at Omaha Fashion Week. We also did an awesome promotion shoot for the Rock n Roll Bride dress which she designed (you can purchase it here), hung out with Mondo Guerra of Project Runway fame and we appeared on Breakfast television! Phew. We made some friends for life in Omaha and we miss them and their big-small town everyday.

After all that excitement Gareth and I hopped over to LA for a holiday. During our trip we also got to met many more of my internet stalkees including Bowie Bride, Broke Ass Bride, Miss Dee AhoyErica Adams Photography, the ladies of AriaDress, Holly Steen of Cakes & Kisses Photography, Jasmine Star (again! See, once you become real life friends with me I stalk you for life…), Tinywater Photography and Gala Darling! Meeting Gala was a particularly massive highlight for me. Again, I am an unashamed uber fan and I so I was both nervous and ridiculously excited when we arranged to meet for dinner. I’m pleased to report that she’s just as wonderful in real life as she is online and if possible, even more beautiful.

I was even recognised a few times in LA (including once at the airport when I had a monster hangover, brilliant!) All in all though, it seemed America loved the pink one and I can’t wait to go back. I have plans for at least two trips next year.

I paid a visit to Candy Anthony, one of the favourite wedding dress designers of you Rock n Roll Brides. I even got to try them all on!

I designed my own shoes with Upper Street (watch this space, because they’ve just launched their ballet flats range, and I got to design some of those too!)

Wedding of the Month – A CMYK Themed Wedding: Rebekah & David

Photography Credit: Depict Photography

Other notable Blog Posts:

August press round-up
The Barbie & Ken wedding was SO POPULAR it crashed the website a number of times and the blog had over SEVEN times the usual daily traffic for three days straight…
A Weekend-Long Family Festival Wedding: Emily & Stef
Candy Coloured Cuteness: Lucy & Michael
A Beer-Swilling, Handfasting, Freak Show Wedding: Heather & Tyler
A Zombie Attack Engagement Shoot


Within just two days of returning from the US I was attending the Feather Love Artist’s Workshop in London which I’d helped to organise with Emma Case. Roo even modeled for the photo shoot portion if the day (full shoot here).

My third photography workshop of the year was The Photography Farm, a three day epic organised by Lisa Devlin. I dressed up as Dorothy for the styled shoot and spoke to the students about how to get featured on wedding blogs.

Gareth & I partied on the pier with Choccywoccydoodah.

Wedding of the Month – A Wedding in the Woods & A Bride Wearing Antlers: Ian & Jo

Photography Credit: Emma Case Photography

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2011, The Year That Was {Part One: January – June}

Two full time jobs quit, 795 blog posts written, internet idols met and a mammoth trip to America under our belts – phew we’ve made it to the end of 2011. Oh what a year it’s been, where do I even begin?!

As we hurtle towards 2012 with open arms, I thought I’d go back through the blog and share my top 12 weddings of the year, by month, as well as a few personal highlights that I’ve hit along the way. 2011 has been a HUGE year for Rock n Roll Bride but here’s to making 2012 even bigger!

Boy oh boy I feel giddy just thinking about what’s round the corner (one HUGE ASS thing in particular, I’m sworn to secrecy but I’ll be able to share it soon I promise).

Be sure to pop back tomorrow for part deux, July – December. I’d also love to know what your weddings of the year were and why in the comments section below. Happy New year lovers!


I left my job as a TV producer to run the blog full time (you can see a video of my farewell here, oh how we cried!) I also launched Rock n Roll Bride TV. I wanted to do some video blog posts as I love watching other people’s myself. Gosh though, this year has been so mental I really haven’t done as many as I wanted to. I’m going to try to resurrect this idea next year if you fancy it? You can see all the Rock n Roll Bride TV episodes here.

Our wedding was also featured in Wedding Ideas Magazine for a second time (!) and I tried my hand at floristry.

Wedding of the Month – Debs & Richie’s Budget Friendly, Crafty & Vintage Wedding

Photography Credit: Emma Case Photography

Other notable Blog Posts:

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Vegan Shoe Ideas 


I modeled for the incredible Magpie Vintage for their brand new vintage clothing line… I even got on a horse! (full shoot here)

I came up with the concept for and organised the Big Fat Wedding Bloggers photo shoot, a collaborative project to show just what the UK wedding blogging industry has to offer. It went down incredibly and was featured in at least two mainstream media magazines. I also attended Mark Niemierko’s infamous Valentines Party at Browns Bride.

I exhibited as a special guest at the first Designer Vintage Bridal Show and I got to meet so many of my readers in two days, it was faaaabulous!

Wedding of the Month – Lisa & Theis’ Intimate Malibu Pier Wedding

Photography Credit: Feather Love Photography

Other notable Blog Posts:

February press round-up
How to dress your flowergirls

Make Your Wedding Day About You 


I walked the catwalk at Luella’s Boudoir Bridal Show (my first ever catwalk experience, oh Lord it was terrifying… even more terrifying when I found out someone was videoing it!) and I went to the By Appointment Only party in Mayfair which was waaay too posh for me. They did light the whole building pink though. Win.

I admitted defeat and gave up my Photography Friday posts. You know, sometimes it’s much better to admit something is not working and think about what else you can do. It’s a good job I did too, because on a Friday I now blog my Post It Notes which have been incredibly popular. Hurray!

Gareth & I did a ‘Beloved’ photo shoot with Marianne Taylor. These are definitely my favourite photos of us together.

Emma & Pete got married. Their surprise wedding was amazing. Even I cried…and I never cry at soppy stuff!

I was also interviewed by Photo Night Live, a web-based show about wedding photography.

Wedding of the Month – Margaret & Edi’s INCREDIBLE “Blows-Everything-Else-Out-of-the-Water” Gothic Alice in Wonderland Wedding

Photography Credit: Freyja Photography

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I am a Secret Squirrel…

All will be properly revealed really soon, but needless to say I’m pretty darn excited about it. Could this be a Rock n Roll Bride Magazine? …And a FREE one at that?

If you want to find out exactly what’s been going on then you’ll need to come see me at the The Designer Vintage Bridal Show in Birmingham next weekend, where I’ll be handing out copies of this new little venture of mine for absolutely nadda. Tickets for the show can be purchased online here.

For more info on the show and what I’m going to be up to when I’m there, check out this post right here.

PS My designer Nubby deserves a flippin’ medal for all the work she’s put into this. She did actually say that this has turned into the biggest project she’s ever done and seriously baby, I couldn’t have done it without her.

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