Three Year Marriversary Love

Photography Credit: English Rose Weddings

Today is Gareth’s & my ‘marriversary.’ We were married 3 years ago on our 6 year anniversary (yeah, we kept the date the same…so much easier to only have to remember one date!)

Happy 3 year marriversay/9 year anniversary baby. I love you all of it and I couldn’t do this without you.

Best friend




♥  ♥  ♥

When we first started dating, 2002

A ski holiday, 2006

The night Gareth proposed, 2007

Our Engagement Shoot, 2008 (full set here)

Photography Credit: David McNeil Photography

Our Wedding, 2008 (full set here)

Photography Credit: English Rose Weddings

At home with the Rock n Roll Bride & Groom, 2010 (full set here)

Photography Credit: Emma Case Photography

Our Beloved Shoot, 2011 (full set here)

Photography Credit: Marianne Taylor Photography


  1. Happy marriversary! I will totally be nicking that term from next year as we’re getting married 24 hrs after our 8yr anniversary!

    You are such an inspiration Kat, as an individual and as one half of such an awesome couple!

    I adore your engagement shoot, all the neon reminds me of the film Taxi Driver! Very cool.

    Loveaudrey xxx

  2. Julia

    Congratulations 🙂 So nice to see the photo changes over time! What treats have you got in store to celebrate? xx

  3. Post author

    Nothing major planned Julia. Im hoping to persuade him to take me out for a swanky dinner though!

  4. Cher

    aww! look how young you both look in that first picture! It’s nice to see that you’ve basically grown up together, how lovely! one thing that is the same in all those pictures is the amount of love in your mans eyes! You are a lucky girl! And obv he is a lucky man! May you have 100 more marriversaries (I know it’s unlikely, but you never know how far cryogenics/eternal life potions may have come by then!) lotsa love x

  5. Happy anni/marriversary. We get so used to seeing images of other peoples live and history’s. It’s so very beautiful when you’re able to look back on the story of your own life. Here’s to the next 9 years!! xo

  6. Congratulations, we also kept the date the same.

    Love the comment “couldnt do it without you” I feel exactly the same and i would not want to do it without him xx

  7. Michelle Fox-Reynolds

    Congratulations on your 3 year marriversay 9 year anniversary hope you have a fab day xx

  8. Jessica

    This little photo timeline of your relationship made my heart melt a little. Congratulations, Kat and Gareth!

  9. Nila

    XD I love these! Ha and both you and Gareth looks so different in each photo it’s great.

  10. Happy Marriversary – such gorgeous snaps throughout the near decade, what a fab life you’ve created together so far! Hope the party goes well too – plans sound awesome X

  11. Loved seeing how you’ve grown up together over the years in those pics. Happy anniversary! (We just celebrated our 1st on April 10th. 1 year old wedding cake isn’t half bad!!)

  12. All the best to you and Gareth on your marriversary! And thank you for sharing these photos; it’s really sweet to see the two of you at different points in your relationship.

  13. allie

    happy anniversary! so adore seenig the way you two have changed and grown up over the years 🙂


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