RIP Photography Friday

I bought this from Urban Outfitters while in Brighton last week. Gareth hates him bit I think he absolutely rules! Photo taken with my phone…

I have an admission to make…I SUCK at Photography Friday. Like seriously suck. I’ve had a few people ask me about the lack of these posts recently so I though I’d bite the bullet and admit my rubbishness in public.

I let these posts slip a little at the begining of the year and now I’ve realised it’s been 6 weeks since I posted anything! I love my Canon and it’s really handy to have when I need to take product shots and the like… but let’s be honest, a) I’m no pro photographer – hence I keep getting frustrated that my photos are poo and b) my life really isn’t that exciting and I actually don’t know what to take photos of!

While I’d love to take gorgeous and fun personal photos like Gala Darling, Audrey Kitching or Elsie Cake – I pretty much spend my days in a baggy jumper + leggings combo, accessoried with unwashed hair, glasses, no make up and slippers…and I sit in front of my computer writing and working my little ass off…in a slightly messy/half decorated house. Sexy huh? No one wants to see photos of THAT!

This week I wrote my latest article for Photo Professional Magazine (which is out early April) about making blogging work for you and your business/brand, and you know what? I realised that maybe, just maybe, this personal photography lark really isn’t for me or Rock n Roll Bride. Don’t get me wrong, I flippin’ love taking a good photo on my phone (just got myself the new Nexus S for anyone that’s wondering) I’ve been tweeting photos of my kittens, my husband and my sparkly accessories like a mad thing…(ahem loser!) and of course if I’m at events and stuff that I think you should know about I’ll be getting photos taken. But right now, I’m just not sure the weekly personal photo posts are for me.

So I’m going to let Photography Friday expire…sorry. But lets be honest, wouldn’t you all rather see more awesome real weddings like this one (coming up next week!) instead?

Photography Credit: Leah McCormick

I also have a new idea brewing for a regular post…I’m going to mull it over some more before I publish it though so watch this space.


  1. Oh Kat!
    1. My boyfriend thinks my skull obsession is weird, but he bought me a gorgeous black skull piggy bank for Christmas! It’s a good thing there are men out there willing to accept our good taste!
    2. I guarantee that your “boring/frumpy” life is still way cuter than mine since you’re so naturally fabulous to begin with. I too am my worst photo critic. Your personal photos will be missed, there’s one you took of your sister that I still think about from time to time.

  2. Post author

    haha you guys are too kind! i will still take photos and may publish the odd few but the pressure of doing so weekly was just too much for me! the pressure to take a decent shot every week was HARD!

    at the end of the day im a writer/blogger and i want to focus my time doing the bit i love the most :o) … whittering on!

    follow me on twitter for many photo updates im sure!

  3. Big respect to you for trying something new but having the confidence to move on when you feel it’s not working.

    I think one of the hardest things about blogging is remembering what you are trying to achieve, adding personality but not making it too personal. Whilst it’s great for industry peeps and old marrieds to have a nosey in to your world, at the end of the day I think it’s inspirational kick ass weddings and resources that b2b’s want to see and what makes your blog so successful. And why a lot of others come across as a bit twee and self obsessed.

    Ps I saw a red diamonte encrusted skull in dwell the other day, twas awesome.

  4. Post author

    thanks Vicky, yeah agreed! i like to post a little bit of personal stuff too to inject my personality but i know the main reason ya’ll come here is for the weddings!!!

  5. Post author

    Oh and Ive lusted over that one in Dwell for ages but its like £200! so when i saw this one for £20 I was like “MINE!”

  6. Aw… please keep putting photos up of Rachel and Henry 🙂 Apart from anything wedding, my next biggest obsession is a fluffy kitty ♥

  7. Love ur honesty Kat. Just fabulous to hear a blogger try something and let it go when it doesn’t work for them. Lots to be learnt in this alone 🙂 As always, thanks for sharing 🙂

    ps. I always get asked to take photos too and I suck at it LOL. I’m much better directing a photo shoot than being behind the lens!

  8. I saw the photo of Henry outside… he looks a lot like one of my cats, but I don’t think mine is a Maine Coon… must be in his ancestry somewhere!

  9. Post author

    maybe, Henry was so cute outside! a whole new world. need to take rachel out there soon now!

  10. awww…. well, we will miss you.. I enjoyed getting to know you through your pictures…

    what if you asked some other photographers to do a post every Friday – not of weddings, but just of their lives… or even better – start a flickr group and pull out a few favorites every week….

  11. I am so glad to hear that your working day sounds so much like mine! I totally understand, I used to do a photo a day but when I basically drag myself from bed to desk and barely move until dinner time I don’t have too much to photograph. I also convince myself that the super glam no-makeup-unwashed-mane thing must be healthy for my hair and skin 🙂

  12. I just broke my black U.O. skull today! Nooooooooooooooo! 🙁

    Anyhow… Maybe you should have a monthly photo post instead with all your snaps? 🙂

  13. love all your ideas Kat and willing to go along with any changes you make, this is by far the best blog ever, and its because of your total dedication and honesty, I am thinking along the lines of Femke, a monthly photo post or even a when you feel like it personal post, keep up the good work. x


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