Things I’m making a conscious effort to do since the Feather Love workshop last week…

♥ Cutting the negative crap out of my life and focusing on positive energy
♥ Confirming my love for my support network
♥ Actively thinking about inspiration, influence and what this means to me
♥ Cutting down on commitments that drain my time & energy and give me little or nothing in return
♥ Starting to write for the ‘art’ of the written word again. Remembering why I fell in love with writing in the first place
♥ Trying to feel less guilty
♥ Getting excited about new projects…for me, no one else, and not worrying if no one else cares
♥ Dancing to offensive hip hop on a regular basis

Thanks Noa.


  1. RachyLou

    That’s my girl! 🙂 continue being yourself because as Dr Seuss says, “those who matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter.” you’re brilliant Kat xo

  2. I need a slice of some of that cake. My biggest problem is that i always get excited about new projects, then worry about what people think. That then sets me on a downer because i take peoples criticisms to heart and throw those projects out the window.

    Thanks Kat 🙂

  3. Nicole

    Thanks for the morning boost!
    I think so many of us can benefit from cutting back on so many commitments…. then not feel guilty about it!

  4. It’s lovely to hear positive ideas and it motivates others to do the same… Might go write my own list now. 🙂 though that goes slightly against something someone once told me which I just thought of when reading your post…

    *live to inspire not to be inspired*

    I love that quote.

    Charlie Xx (house of istria)

  5. Couldn’t agree more with you Kat, and you too Kylie – I can’t count the number of ideas I’ve had that I haven’t pursued because other people questioned their validity, when really they have no idea about the business or industry, and I should really just trust my own gut instincts.

    Am also terrible for putting other people’s projects before my own – so I applaud you Kat, am going to try and take it as the kick up the ass confirmation I need too, to just get on with things and put my ideas first.

  6. copying that kat..if you don’t mind + having it on my wall as a goal! Inspiring as ever …thanks x i’m a bit naff at dancing tho 🙂

  7. Hey there! Am so with you on all of these (although I’ll leave the writing par excellence to you :)…particularly love the idea of ditching those freakin commitments that drain time and energy for precious little in return – often not even a basic “thank you”…most of all – am with you on the dancing…
    Great to meet you at the workshop – the light burns brightly with you my friend xx


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