With a Little Help From My Friends…

So I’ve landed back to rainy Blightly with a bang! I will keep looking at this photo of me on Venice Beach as the biting English wind chills my bones…Brrrrrrr. Damn you British weather.

Not being one to ‘rest’ (erm what’s that?!) I have another super packed week scheduled helping to organise and take part in the Feather Love Photography workshop in London! I’m jet-lagged and knackered but I can’t bloomin’ wait for it. Roo is modelling and it’s going to be all kinds of awesome. However I thought I’d pop by briefly to share some snaps of the fabulous people I got to hang out with while Stateside. My instax and I were certainly put through our paces.

Our trip was pretty much defined by all the amazing people below. I can’t believe I got to meet so many of my blogging/wedding/internet idols in such a short space of time.

I also need to give a special shout out of love to all my American readers who spotted my pink head and came and said hi during our trip. I definitely got recognised in America more than I do in the UK. I don’t know if it’s because I’m more ‘famous’ (eugh hate saying that – it makes me sound like a right knob!) in the US or becuase my British readers are just too shy to come say hello but it was so great to feel so welcomed!

Princess Lasertron – Megan

Our reason for heading to America in the first place! Megan invited me to model in her show for Omaha Fashion Week. More on all the fun, the dresses, the parties and the shenanigans surrounding this part of our trip soon!

Mondo Guerra

The Project Runway finalist was also invited to attend Omaha Fashion Week. I enjoyed hanging out with him so much. We laughed a lot! He was a sweetheart.

Gala Darling

What can I say?!? When I heard that my blogging idol was going to be in LA at the same time as us there was no way we couldn’t meet up. Although Gala and I have chatted a lot online over the past few years I’m not afraid to admit that I was totally nervous to be ‘real life’ meeting her. I’m pleased to report that she’s just as beautiful, adorable and awesome as you might expect and her wardrobe was totes enviable.

Tinywater Photography – Caroline

Oh Caroline I love you!!! We have been talking online for like, forever – Caroline was actually the very first US photographer to submit her work to me when I started Rock n Roll Bride in 2007! So needless to say I was thrilled to bits that Gareth & I were able to hook up with her and do a couple shoot in Downtown LA! More on this soon…(including how she made us stand in the middle of traffic…scary!)

Jasmine Star

Oh Jasmine how I love thee. Not satisfied with working with her on her London workshop in July I simply had to meet up with her for a quick catch up while on her turf.

Bowie Bride & Broke Ass Bride

Aww my fellow wedding bloggers! It was so great to party with you guys.

And of course my wonderful travel buddy Gareth. We had a lot of fun hey?!

Let’s go back soon…


  1. Kat – this was the best trip I never took! Thanks for the exciting tweet updates – but have to admit I’m really glad to have you back! Hope to see you soooooon! xxx

  2. RHJ

    Looks like an amazing trip – well done! Hope your hard work over past few years felt a tiny bit rewarded!

  3. I understand your point about the American readership, as we have lots more people from the USA following our blog and spending a long time playing with the demo features on the website. Hope you get enough rest before your workshop, I am conducting a corporate workshop on Friday and I know the feeling. regards.

  4. YAY! It was amazing meeting you, Kat! I love you. My husband loves you. My cats love you. AMERICA LOVES YOU!!! Thanks so much for rocking LA. It was a blast. Come back soooooon! xoxo

  5. Emma

    I recognised you at LA airport and we were on the same flights back to the uk but didnt want to say hi incase it wasnt you so yes us British are more shy and afraid of looking like a twonk if we are wrong. Although I was dying to tell you all about our very rock n roll wedding thats happening in 5 weeks we bought our wedding rings in LA and Vegas and the groom suited himself out in vintage atire from hollywood blvd. Will send pics when we are done.x Sorry for not saying HI

  6. Post author

    Ahhh Emma! You so should have said hello you silly! Cant wait to hear about your wedding via email then!

  7. OMG I love the last picture hahahaha so funny it`s totally you. You and Gala are such and inspiration for me to follow my dreams it`s so cool to see you together.
    And when I was in England I really wanted to spot you somewhere on the streets of London haha I was looking for pink hair everywhere, but it didn`t work. I`m living in Spain right now.


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