Photography Friday – Cat Nap

January 7, 2011

It’s the first week back to the blog after the Christmas and New Year break so I bet you were expecting lots of festive related shots right? Wrong! They were all so boring in comparison to this cute and utterly adorable moment I captured this week.

They’re actually killing me with cute.

Gareth might kill me for sharing these but I don’t care. How could I keep these to myself?!


  1. Oh gawd, it’s like thousands of people are given free rein to go through your drunken facebook photos, the shame of it! Though in fairness, I hid behind the camera as the night went on….good move. Was a fun night ladies – you all know how to let your hair down no doubt about it! x

  2. Post author

    yeah charley you managed to escape that one quite nicely. me on the other hand? all over the floor!

    the series of lucy & debs + wine is one of my faves!

  3. hehehe… Looks like much fun was had by all!! I am so gutted I can’t do the 14th ( although I am still trying to figure out how I could do it).

  4. Love it!! Awesome girls night out….starts of with a nice cocktail or two….then wine….then more wine….then very funny and messy times!! xxx

  5. Wish I HAD stolen Kat’s scrummy bag … maybe I’ll succeed on the 14th, and I can hide lots of Restoration Cake’s (boozy) cupcakes in it too. Heaven!

    Oh and we really did have as much fun as it looks…roll on April when we do it all again! xxx


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