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The Biggest Blogcademy Birthday Sale EVER!


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Kathryn, happy birthday to me!

I don’t usually plan anything too extravagant to mark getting a year older any more. Although I love the idea of taking an exotic trip somewhere, or having a huge party, I always leave things until the last minute and end up doing something really low key – which actually suits me perfectly. Sweatpants and wine party for the win!

Today though, I’m going on an adventure. Gareth is away snowboarding right now, so my babe Sophie has planned a day of fun in London! I have no idea what she’s got store and I’m pretty excited I have to say. Love you Soph!

I wanted to celebrate my birthday with you guys too so my Blogcademy babes and I have decided that for today only, we’re giving you the gift of The Blogcademy Online for just $200! That’s nearly 60% off the usual price! This is the biggest discount deal we’ve EVER DONE on this course so if you’ve been aching to take your blogging up a gear, then listen up!

For those of you not in the know, The Blogcademy is a blogging and business workshop that I co-founded with Gala Darling and Shauna Haider in 2012. After teaching in-person classes for three years solid, in early 2015 we decided to take the course and create an online version. The idea was that if someone couldn’t travel to an in-person class, or just preferred to learn at their own pace, at home, then we could still help them. While we don’t have any plans for any more in-person classes right now, the online class is still going strong and we’d love for you to take part. You can read all about that topics that we cover on our dedicated website.


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Come to Our Last Ever Blogcademy Live Classes and Get the Online Course Absolutely FREE!


In September we’re rolling up the turquoise carpet and calling time on the current format of the live Blogcademy workshop. Since we launched the class in 2012, we’ve taught over 1000 people, all over the world. From LA to London and New York to New Zealand, we’ve travelled more than ever and met so many inspiring blogcadettes. However we’ve collectively decided that it’s time to refocus our energy and put it into coming up with something new!

On September 12 and 13th we will be in San Francisco and the weekend after, September 19th and 20th we’re in New York – where it all began!

To go out with a bang we have a very special offer for you. For one week only, anyone that books into these final classes will also receive The Blogcademy Online, the digital version of our course worth $497, absolutely free!!

While the teachings in this class are exactly the same (the video segments were recorded at a live class) you get extra worksheets and prompts, plus you get access FOREVER, meaning you can watch and re-watch the lessons and do the homework as many times as you like! You’ll receive the course after you’ve attended the live class meaning if you were too overwhelmed to take in all the info over the weekend, or you forgot to take notes on something important, you’ll be able to go back and watch the lesson again. Amazing right?

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Considering Coming to The Blogcademy? Book in Now or Risk Missing Out Forever!

Sarah Kuszelewicz Photography

When my two best friends and I decided it might be fun to teach a blogging workshop back in 2012, we had no comprehension just how far that little idea would take us. We figured maybe we’d get to do one or two classes and it would be a fun new project for a few months… Well, over 1000 attendees and 30 workshops later, its been one hell of an incredible ride!

Last month we did our 6th (SIXTH!) class in London.

Long Haul Films slayed it with this video. They’re also currently offering £200 off wedding videos for Rock n Roll Bride readers so be sure to check them out!

As ever, we held the workshop at the gorgeous Curtain Road Studios in Shoreditch. We love this space so much because it’s big, bright and pristine white… but that doesn’t last for long after we arrive!

Sarah Kuszelewicz Photography Sarah Kuszelewicz Photography Sarah Kuszelewicz Photography

The babes from the Bespoke Bride blog decorated the space from top to extremely colourful bottom.

Sarah Kuszelewicz Photography Sarah Kuszelewicz Photography Sarah Kuszelewicz PhotographySarah Kuszelewicz Photography

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It’s My Birthday and I’m Giving *You* a Gift!

venice beach rocknrollbride made u look photography (21)

Yay it’s my birthday! Although I do feel really bloody old now. I’m THIRRRRTYY freakin’ ONE! OMG I’m totally ancient.

Although this time last year I was definitely struggling with the thought of leaving my 20s behind, the past twelve months have been awesome (hello! I now have a magazine in actual shops!) Nothing actually really changes the older you get, does it? I mean, you’re still you. You still have complete control over what you wear, how you act, and what you do. I have no plans to dye my hair a more respectable colour or to stop dancing in sequins on beaches!

But I digress.

To celebrate the start of my thirty-second year, I wanted to give YOU all a gift by taking a whopping 50% off the price off The Blogcademy Online!

For those of you that don’t know, The Blogcademy is a blogging and business workshop that I’ve been running with Gala Darling and Shauna Haider since 2012. In January this year we launched an online version of the course which is perfect for those of you that can’t travel to an in-person class, or just prefer to learn at their own pace. You can read all about that topics that we cover on our website.

venice beach rocknrollbride made u look photography (14) venice beach rocknrollbride made u look photography (29) venice beach rocknrollbride made u look photography (31)

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Out With The Old, In With The New: The Blogcademy is Having a Spring Fling!


Last Friday was officially the first day of Spring so I can think of no more perfect time to have a little digital spring clean. That’s exactly what we are doing at The Blogcademy. We are currently working on a whole host of brand new digital and live course offerings (so exciting, just you wait!), and so the time has come to clear the decks to make space for them.

As of this coming Sunday (29th March) The Blogcademy Home School – our short, sharp, pick n mix video lessons – are going the way of the dodo. So today we are saying goodbye with a bang and offering them at half price!


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Happy Valentine’s Day! Get $100 Off All 2015 Blogcademy Live Workshops!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so Gala, Shauna and I thought, what could be a better way to celebrate than to offer $100 off ALL of our 2015 in-person Blogcademy workshops!? This is the perfect opportunity to give your blog and business some much needed love!

This is the first and most likely the ONLY TIME we will ever discount our live classes so if you’d like to book in, hop to it!

This year the turquoise tornado will be stopping off at the following cities:

Los Angeles
February 28th & March 1st
The Jefferson

June 13th & 14th
Curtain Road Studios

San Francisco
September 12th & 13th
Venue tbc

New York City
September 19th & 20th
Venue tbc

December 5th & 6th
Venue tbc

December 12th & 13th
Venue tbc

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