The Blogcademy Online: Your Blog is Your Calling Card, What Does it Say?

January 9, 2015

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Christmas is a time when most sane people power down, switch off, and eat their weight in delicious food. Well, The Blogcademy headmistresses are clearly not sane, because we took advance of the quieter festive period to create The Blogcademy Online which launches later this month!

On January 29th, we’re making our full in-person class available digitally for the very first time. It’s something people have been asking us for ever since we first starting doing the workshop, and finally, FINALLY, it’s happening! This has been a long time coming so I hope you’re all as excited as we are.

The online course will comprise of videos, transcripts (which is actually more like a novel, it’s over 300 pages!!), a mammoth list of resources, worksheets, activities, and access to our lively private forum. You’ll get all the same information that you get in the live class, without ever having to leave your living room or take off your pyjamas!

This course is 100% learn at your own pace and you’ll have access to it forever. This means you can watch the videos as many times as you like and do the activities as often as you please. You can either do the whole thing in one weekend, or dip in and out as your schedule allows.

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The topics covered include formatting basics, blogging business plan, defining your ideal reader, crafting your about page, defining your blog’s purpose, writing killer content, consistency, social media, networking, branding, still life 101, advertising, brand collaborations, business documents, income diversification and image usage. Further explanation and a detailed break down of exactly what each subject comprises of can be found on our Blogcademy Online page.

This course is for anyone who has a blog. Whether you blog for fun, you want to eventually do it full time, or you have your own business and you want to use your online presence to help sell your products or services. The course is packed full of real life examples of how the teachings can be applied, whichever camp you fall into.

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However we just couldn’t wait until the 29th to get the party started, so if you sign up to our mailing list right now (simply enter your name and email address where it says “Get our top secret blogging resources” on the front page of our website) you’ll get access to some totally exclusive, 100% FREE, completely amazing pre-launch educational videos.

There are three free videos in total, the first of which is ready to be viewed right away. We’ll be releasing the other two over the coming weeks. Everyone that signs up will also receive a discount code which you can use on The Blogcademy Online when it becomes available on the 29th!

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Doing in-person classes is so amazing (our next stop is LA in February) but an online version means even more of you will be able to take part and learn the blogging ropes.

YAY let’s kick 2015’s butt together!