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How to Style a Blank Canvas Wedding Venue

Having a “blank canvas” wedding venue (where you can literally take control and do anything you heart desires!) is a dream for many alternative brides, but it can be somewhat overwhelming. Without any constraints it can be difficult to know where to start! So today, in partnership with the fabulous JJ Media Group, I’m here to give you an idiot’s guide on how to do it!

Work out your budget carefully

You might think that opting for a blank canvas venue would save you a lot of cash BUT that’s not always the case. Make sure you check with your venue what is and is not included in the hire fee. If you have to start bringing in things like furniture, lighting, portable bathrooms and external catering companies it can actually end up being a much more costly exercise.

Reign those ideas in

It can be tempting to go wild and bring in any and every idea you have, but if might end up looking more like a hot mess than wedding. Picking a few key ideas or motifs will (usually, there are always exceptions to every rule!) look a lot better than a lot of different things mashed together.

It’s tempting to jump in and buy everything you see and like right away, but try not to. Do your research first and really consider the look and feel that you’re hoping to achieve before you start spending money.

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Making Our Bedroom All Nice & Cosy with Prezola

It was so lovely to get such wonderful comments on our living room reveal post a few weeks ago (thanks to Prezola for all the amazing goodies they sourced for us!) and so I’m really excited to be sharing how our bedroom is shaping up with you today.

Those eagle eyed among you might have already noticed, but our major renovations are at a bit of a standstill right now. Being so, soooo busy with work, not having a whole lot in the bank yet still wanting to do as much as we can ourselves has has put a bit of a dampener on progress. BUT the house is totally liveable and I am extremely lucky that Gareth has been loosening the reigns on adding some extra decor items to the main rooms we’re living in (the living room, the bedroom and my office) to make them nicer spaces to be in!

Bombay Duck Berber Embroidered Long CushionBaa Stool Baa Stool Pink Cushions /  SOOUK ‘It Was All A Dream’ Print

Love Inc Neon Heart

Baa Stool Baa Stool Teal Sheepskin Rug

Our house has three bedrooms and the one we’ve chosen to sleep in actually isn’t technically the master (the biggest is the one I use as my office) but we really liked the shape and proportions of this one. Plus the original fireplace is amazing and the double sash windows are totally dreamy.

Before we moved in we took up the disgusting carpet, removed the ancient built-in wardrobe and the POLYSTYRENE stuck to the walls (apparently it used to be used as insulation before, you know, a little thing like fire regulations) and I was tasked with stripping and painting it all white (swipe to see a before shot – seriously, who the hell paints a ceiling YELLOW?) I’m still pretty darn impressed with how it turned out (yay go me!) Although we do plan to add a splash of colour to the walls in the rest of the house, we both really like a white bedroom. We both think it makes it a much calmer space to sleep in, I seriously couldn’t imagine trying to get some shut eye in a psychedelic or over-patterned room! For the same reason we only ever sleep in all-white bedding which I also think makes it feel more like a super fancy hotel room bed. It also makes the best base for more fun cushions or a throw.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not ALL about the accessories and personal touches, which is where Prezola comes in.

Nkuku Bequai Collections Box / Nkuku Bequai Divider Box / Graham & Green Diamond Wire Table Light

Graham & Green Pebble Quilt

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Why You Should Have a Wedding Website

Setting up your own wedding website (or “wedsite” for short) is pretty much a must-do for today’s technologically-savvy couples. You might think it’s a little narcissistic or TMI to create a webpage specifically to talk about your wedding, but they’re actually really useful for your guests too.

Did you know I actually started Rock n Roll Bride in 2007 as place to share details about our wedding? It wasn’t until after we were married a year later that I morphed it into a blog to share other people’s alternative weddings and quirky inspirational ideas!

Your website will be the go-to place for all your guests to find all that extra information they might need to know about your wedding. So instead of answering the same questions about accommodation, your gift list and who your maid of honour is, you can direct them all to one online place.

You can even use a wedding website in lieu of paper invitations (just send everyone the link!) which will save you money and the environment!

There are hundreds of companies offering wedding websites and templates, but if you have no idea where to start then may I’d like to suggest the UK’s most popular (with over 17,000 couples using it last year)!

Not only is it completely free to use, it’s fully flexible (meaning you can add or remove pages at ease) with a wide choice of gorgeous designs. They also have many useful features such as an RSVP manager, table planner, lift sharing and accommodation finder. 

If you’re thinking of creating your own wedding website, these are the main things you should be thinking about before you sign up:

Cost: How much is will it cost you to create and run a site? is 100% free!

Advertising: Does the creator add advertisements to your site? will never add ugly, intrusive adverts to your page.

Location: Is the website hosted by an American or British company?
Might not be a big deal to most people, but if you’re using a US based site but you’re in the UK, there may be a few formatting quirks. For example you may have to use the US date format (could be very confusing if you’re getting married on 08/05/2018 – a US site would write that as 05/08/2018!)

Domain name: What will your site be called? What options are there? Is this an extra cost? have a huge range of easy to remember domain names to choose from, or the ability to input your own.

Extra features: Does the creator offer wedding-specific features like an RSVP manager, photo gallery or table planner? offer all this and then some – you can even add a lift sharing and accommodation finder option to make things really easy for your guests.

Design choice: Does the creator offer a range of site designs to match your style?
This year will be launching 21 brand new template designs meaning you’ll have even more options than ever for personalising your site to suit your personal style taste or wedding theme.

Gift list: Can you add a gift list to the site?
You can integrate your Prezola wedding gift list into a site so your guests don’t even need to leave your site to buy your gifts! How brilliant is that?

Setting up a wedding website is basically a must these days. It’s the easiest way to share information with your guests. So why not use the UK’s most popular site, one that’s super easy to use and is packed full of incredible free features? Start creating your free wedding website right now at!

Rock n Renovation: Quirky & Unique Homewares from Orchid Furniture

Devlin Photos

After living in a too-small terraced house for over ten years, moving to our new place has been a revelation… in shopping! Before, our place was so tiny we couldn’t really physically fit anything else in, but now we have three reception rooms I’m loving searching out quirky and unique finds to eventually fill them with. While we’ve started buying some small pieces of furniture and decorative items, the house isn’t in anyway nearing being finished so a lot of the time I’m just researching, researching, researching!

I have a tendency to “buy now, think later” and then end up with lots of inexpensive pieces that I end up not liking really quickly (IKEA you’re great, but I don’t need to own everything you make!) This time I want to make sure we only purchase things we really love, that will last us a long time.

So today I thought it would be fun to share some of the things we’ve been swooning over (a couple we’ve acquired already!) from Orchid Furniture. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll already know that both Gareth and I are obsessed with all things Japanese, so when I discovered Orchid Furniture, that specialise in furniture, lighting and accessories from the Far East, I was intrigued. We don’t want our house to seem too ‘themed’ though, so our plan is to add a few choice pieces from their extensive collection, mixed with items of other styles that we also really like. Orchid have London and Hampshire stores and also sell online, delivering throughout the UK and overseas.

This rug was the first thing we ordered. We loved the neutral grey colour and the subtle pattern. It goes great in our living room and is super squishy and lovely. The cats sit on it almost permanently as most of the rest of the house is still wooden floors.

Marble, I love you, but I can’t really afford you. This stone-topped round table is a great dupe, and comes in cheaper than the real thing. It’s the perfect size for a plant, a cup of tea and a stack of magazines and sits beside our sofa.

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Our Living Room Reveal with Prezola!

If you’ve been following my #rocknrenovation posts on Instagram, you will already know that we are slap bang in the middle of renovating our dream house. And while progress has been slow over the past few months, that certainly hasn’t stopped me swooning over (and in some cases actually acquiring) some awesome homewares to make the place feel less building site-y.

They say two of the most stressful things you can do are buy a house and plan a wedding, but if you’re doing them together, then Prezola is going to be the ideal gift registry for you. Why? Because they’re actually more like a super cool homewares brand than a gift list company.

When we got married in 2008, we opted for a standard department store gift list but only because Prezola wasn’t around back then! Although we managed to get a lot of the usual fare (towels, china, pots and pans, crockery etc) what the department store really lacked was choice and flexibility. We were limited to what that particular branch had for sale. However with Prezola, there are 50,000 products from over 500 brands such as The White Company, Graham & Green, KitchenAid, Le Creuset and Habitat. Your choice is practically endless!

So when Prezola came to me asking if I wanted to not only share more of our house, but showcase some of the amazing products they carry on their gift list service, I jumped at the chance! Nearly everything you see in these photos can be added to a Prezola gift list.

Prezola is redefining what a gift list is – it’s not just wedding china and a new set of towels. They’re fresh, fun and stylish and aimed at couples who want their home to reflect their style and personality – they put a huge focus on unique and quirky products that you’re going to really want to add to your list. Whether that’s fun prints and wall art, neon signs, decorative pieces or new, upcoming designers that don’t follow the rest of the pack, they find interesting gifts you won’t find anywhere else.

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Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses Your Girls Will Actually Love

Finding that one perfect wedding dress can be a stressful task. There are so many shapes, styles and colours to consider. So is it any wonder that finding a single bridesmaid dress that four, five (or more!) of your best girls will all love equally can be an almost impossible task. Not only do you have their different tastes, styles and body shapes to consider, but the costs can really add up too. Stress City, population: YOU.

Luckily for you 2018 brides, the mis-matched bridesmaid dress look is more popular than ever, meaning that if you want to boycott the traditional matching bridesmaid dress idea, it’s easier than ever to do.

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to source mis-matched bridesmaid dresses is online. You’ll be presented with hundreds of options all without ever having to leave your sofa. While places like ASOS can be awesome, they often don’t have the massive colour and style variations that bridesmaid-specific online stores have.

The key to really nailing the mis-matched look is to have something that ties all the dresses together, such as the colour, shape or fabric. This way they avoid just looking like a collection of guests rather than bridesmaids. So if you want all your girls in different shaped dresses, have them all in the same colour, or if you want them all in the same colour, let them choose a style they are most comfortable with.

So where should you start to look? I’ve recently discovered Mix Bridal, an online boutique that offers a highly curated selection of designer dresses at the most reasonable prices, and I think they’re definitely worth checking out. With headquarters based in UK, they’ve also recently opened offices in Australia, the United States and Canada.

Mix Bridal pursues excellence in design and irreproachable craftsmanship before choosing to sell any dresses. And as well as an extensive collection of bridesmaids dresses, they also carry wedding gowns, flowergirl dresses and ties/pocket squares for groomsmen. Everything comes in tons of colour options too meaning it’s super easy to shop for the entire bridal party in your chosen palette.

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