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Oklahoma City Tattoo Studio Wedding

Raegan and Randy had their summer wedding at Blackmint Collective Tattoo Studio in Oklahoma City. It was the perfect venue as they and most of their bridal party and guests all have tattoos. There’s a real industrial feel to their day, with the venue’s exposed lighting rigs and brick walls dotted with modern art, all softened by details like pastel-glazed donuts and the delicate greens of succulents. It’s a look that says modern wedding with an edge, and it’s beautiful.

Describing the vibe, the bride said they went with “Simplicity. We didn’t want the big stressful wedding, we just wanted to celebrate us!” But there was room to also include the unique details, and she added, “I definitely think having our wedding on a Sunday morning with donuts and mimosas in a tattoo shop made us a little different!”

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Terrarium & Desert Glam Wedding

Terrarium wedding in Austin (15)

Carmen and Doug were initially dreading the wedding planning process, but when they realised that didn’t have to do the traditional stuff, it became so much fun! “I had these images in my mind of priests, Hilton convention centres, big shiny bridesmaid dresses and drunk cousins”, Carmen said. “Then I realised that our wedding could be whatever we wanted it to be, and I found the whole process really fun. Drunk cousins made an appearance, of course, but it was still fun!”

Terrarium wedding in Austin (14)

Their ceremony was officiated by the groom’s brother at Mercury Hall, Austin. “He has a really witty, dry, irreverent sense of humour and we told him to do whatever he wanted, knowing we wouldn’t be disappointed”, she continued. “He put together a hilarious little diddy with references to my beauty pageant past, Doug’s video game addiction, and some really funny ancient and biblical wedding traditions. We did the ceremony under a big live oak tree. At some point in the planning process I found some pictures of a couple who made a succulent wall to get married in front of. I sent it to my mom and asked if she be interested in making one herself, and much to my surprise she said yes. It ended up being A LOT of work on her part, but it was really gorgeous. Thanks mom!”

Terrarium wedding in Austin (23)

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Nature and Geometry Inspired Wedding at the Eden Project: Bethan & Rob


Bethan and Rob’s wedding was held at The Eden Project in Cornwall. They took their inspiration from the domes themselves and the plants inside, creating a natural themed wedding with geometric accents.

“The ceremony and reception were both inside the Mediterranean Biome in the Eden Project”, wrote the bride. “Thematically we had nature, geometry (taking inspiration from both the biome’s hexagonal roof structure and plant life) and fun, with a hint of the mystical. We wanted to tap into our friends’ creative talents as much as possible to make it really personal.”


“Instead of flowers we chose to use succulents. There is something quite ethereal about the plumpness, gentle merging colours and geometric patterns in these beautiful plants. The wonderful thing about using succulents is that they are incredibly hardy, so even the ones that weren’t in pots (ie. my bouquet) did not go to waste. The stalks were just trimmed afterwards and they were replanted.”

“Our family and friends are all great gin lovers, so as wedding favours, we decided to offer them little medicine bottles with pipettes filled with sloe gin. I’ll never forget watching my Grandpa pipette sloe gin into his mouth between courses!”


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Intimate Joshua Tree Desert Wedding: Jordan & Charley


When you’re looking through a set of wedding photos on a blog, do you ever wish they’d never end? They’re so beautiful/ crazy/ awesome/ cool (or all of the above) that you want to see more, more more?! Well that’s exactly how I felt the whole way through viewing Jordan and Charley’s incredibly stunning desert wedding. Held at Sacred Sands bed and breakfast, this celebration was intimate, carefree and beautiful and they had the photographs to match.


“We knew that we wanted to have a destination wedding from the start”, began the bride, “and after visiting Joshua Tree, we thought it would be the perfect place to create a retreat-like getaway for our family and friends. We chose the region as a backdrop for our wedding based on its unique and bizarre beauty, and it set the theme for the rest of the décor. We wanted to keep the natural beauty of the landscape as the focal point of our wedding, to which we added a mix of succulents and some DIY touches like hand painted windows as our seating chart and signage; Edward Gorey tarot card place-markers; an awesome mix of succulents in eclectic containers; a photo tribute table decorated with family photos, vintage cameras, and our instax photo guestbook.”


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A Burning Man Inspired Wedding: Christine & David

There’s so much about Christine & David’s wedding that I utterly adore – Christine’s Wai-Ching wedding dress, the metal-welding ceremony, the Burning Man inspired after-party… seriously, if you don’t love this wedding you’re bonkers.

“Well, we started off by not trying to be anything other than ourselves,” Christine told me. “The only thing I knew I wanted was my Wai-Ching dress and a gluten-free cake, and David just wanted a raucous party. Neither of us had expectations of what our wedding should be, so we just took the parts of the traditional wedding that we liked, ditched the parts we didn’t care about, and made some things up along the way.”

“A lot of our inspiration came from knowing that all but one of our guests was flying in from out of state. In fact our guest list included people from 24 different states and 5 different countries. We were so grateful that people would make the trip out to celebrate with us and we really wanted to make it worth it. Our wedding celebration was actually a multi-day extravaganza. Most people flew in on Wednesday and then Thursday was a trip to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Friday we went to the Orlando Science Center in the morning and then to Wekiwa Springs State Park (where we got engaged) in the afternoon for swimming in the springs and kayaking in the river. Friday night we threw our first party of the weekend at our house with a good ol’ Southern BBQ to welcome everyone to town. Saturday was our wedding and after-party and we wrapped it up on Sunday morning with a brunch at our house.”

“One of the big things we did differently was our ceremony as we wanted it to be personally meaningful. First off we chose readings that spoke to us: Charles Darwin on marriage, a quote about love from Tom Robbin’s ‘Still Life with Woodpecker,’ and an excerpt from Richard Feynman’s autobiography in which he writes about dating his wife. As for rings, I don’t think we ever even discussed them. I do have an amazing engagement ring, but I think we both assumed from the get go that wedding bands were not happening. All of types of ceremonies that we looked at, even the nontraditional ones like handfasting, unity candle, sand ceremony, etc – seemed forced as they meant nothing to us personally. We finally settled on including metal work in some fashion as I am a metal artist. We contacted a friend and artist who I lived and worked with last summer, Jon Sarriugarte, and he made us the amazing heart that we riveted together during the ceremony.”

“We had a lot of little touches,” the bride continued. “My cousin played the harp and a good friend played the trumpet for our ceremony. We had a ‘living guest book’  where guests planted a succulent. We had a coloring book table as a token to how we met (we met at the children’s coloring book table at a wedding in Long Island), complete with the picture I was coloring at the time. There was a table set up with pictures of us at Burning Man 2006-2011 (after we met at the Lond Island wedding we found out we were both going to Burning Man that same year so we arranged to meet there. We then ended up going back together every year after that).”

“Our after-party at our house was most definitely Burning Man inspired. We had set up our usual camping setup (a geodesic dome, a hexayurt, and five tents) in the yard for the 20 or so friends who camped at our place during the week. I surprised David at our entrance to the party with a tunnel of light sabers – his signature glow ornamentation at the Burn.”

“Body glow adornments were available as well as LED hula hoops and poi. Our hot tub was open. I set up a sculpture I made for Burning Man 2010, a honeycomb piece named Propolis. A fire pit was out by the lake with couches, s’mores (with local hand-made marshmallows of course), guitars, and a variety of percussion instruments. We set up a star projection in the dome with couches and blankets for a chill space. Grilled cheese sandwiches were distributed at midnight. Our neighbor put on a fireworks show for us during our royal kiss on the balcony and some good friends put together an acrobatic performance. And there was off course dancing until the wee hours of the morning.”

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Pom Poms, Succulents, Neon Cheesecakes & Californian Sun

This wicked shoot was put together by Bowman Nichols Event Consulting. They wanted to highlight the beauty of California’s Central Coast and the historic and rustic elegance of the Santa Margarita Ranch, but in a fun and fabulously colourful way. They put together a rustic feeling set up with the table in the field and the almost neon cake/flower table. “We were looking to craft a rustic feel pulling inspiration from the colour palate and style of the Carlisle linen pattern from BBJ Linen.  The concept was to accentuate a blend of traditional and non-traditional elements for the bride and groom, while staying with the feel of the venue in its rural tradition” they explained.

The couple they chose for the shoot was also very important to them as they wanted a pair that could pull of an alternative, edgy feel. “For the couple, we paired an edgy, big city, tattooed groom Josh, with a beautiful blonde, 1950’s inspired bride Natalie, for a Rock n Roll feel.  Natalie wore a vintage inspired, short lace gown by Alfred Angelo and western style cowboy boots.  To tie in the theme of color we chose large non-traditional jewellery embellished in turquoise with red and black accents to play up to her rockabilly groom.   The bouquet was a beautiful unique arrangement adorned with billy balls, kangaroo paw, and succulents pulling in the bright contrasting colour.”

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