Three Dresses & The Wedding of the Century {part 2}

May 11, 2010

Is your mind ready to be blown?! 

 Half way through the reception, Kestrin changed into a green vintage number. Made by Rebellion Dogs, Kestrin said: “It felt like I was wearing a ladybug tutu, an absolute dream.” She found it on a whim, just before the wedding, at Talun on Echo Park Blvd in LA..

Day 2 of the wedding started out early, at Palace Hotel, San Fransisco and after finding some cute vintage  pantaloons, she and photographer Noa embarked on an impromptu 10 minute boudoir sesh! They them got dressed up again in their glad rags and headed to the Day 2 reception which was held at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco, an exquisite plant and tree store run by Jonathan’s older sister. About 300 guests attended.

Each guest was given a yellow or saffron-colored flag as they came in that Kestrin hand-made in the weeks before the wedding. “They created an aisle through the crowd, holding the flags aloft like a giant game of London Bridges.” Noa explains.

All the guests made a real effort, dressing in unusual, awesome and vintage attire. After the ceremony came dress numero three! it was designed by Sterling Capricio of Los Angeles. Kestrin said “I looked at his work and drew a picture of the dress I envisioned, something to make me look like Marie Antoinette on mescaline. When I returned to his shop the next week, there it was.”  

If you need to see more still of this amazing wedding, check out Noa’s full report here (I have copied the ever-important vendor list below)

Thanks again to the wonderful Noa for sharing these. I die.

Credit: Featherlove Photography

Flora Grubb Gardens http://ww.floragrubb.comReception venue in San Francisco. Open everyday as a garden store and cafe, available for weddings and other events by reservation. Special thanks to owners Saul Nadler and Flora Grubb (Jonathan’s big sister).
River State Beach Family ceremony site.
Peninsula Country Club Beach House Family ceremony dinner site in Pebble Beach, CA.
The Inn at Spanish Bay
Wedding night hotel in Pebble Beach.
Sea Breeze Inn Hotel for wedding guests near Pebble Beach, CA.
Hotel Triton Hotel for wedding guests in San Francisco, CA.
Palace Hotel Bride & Groom’s hotel in San Francisco.
Red House Café Excellent morning-after-wedding breakfast.
Gott’s Roadside Late-morning-after-reception hangover brunch.

Vendors & Friends

Susie Nadler Flowers for the ceremony, bouquet, table settings & corsages. She also writes for Apartment Therapy.
Jim Kumiega planner & organizer at Flora Grubb Gardens.
Paul da Plumber Cesewski Spinning platform.
Circle J Ranch
Petting zoo for Jonathan’s Los Angeles bachelor party. They brought a whole farm to the front yard: goats, ducks, piglets, a donkey, sheep, chickens, and an alpaca. Seriously.
Pâtisserie Bechler Wedding Cake, Carmel.
The Cake Maker Wedding Cake, San Francisco.
Peasant Pies Reception snacks.
Costco Reception beverages. Huge cost savings over any caterer.
Christophers Catering
415.641.3850 Reception Bartending and food service.
Cyclecide Bike Rodeo
http://www.cyclecide.comPedal-powered ferris wheel, bus ride for Jonathan’s San Francisco bachelor party. Special thanks to Laird Rickard, Jerico Reese, Paul Cesewski, and Moses Grubb.
Parrot Bar & Tiny Tea Party
Fresh tropical drinks at reception by Milton Nolan, Samantha Garcia, Mason Carroll, Melissa Craven, Jean Francois Boudier, Katie Boudier, John Fast.
Dada Peepshow
Noona Nolan, John Fast, and crew. Concept and structure by Noona Nolan, Spy Emerson, and Moses Grubb.
Photoboof Photbooth at reception, with online photos at
Louise Rafkin New York Times reporter.
Darcy Padilla New York Times photographer.
Erin Schelcher
Ceremony officiant, stylist, and problem solver.
Wade Harpootlian Reception DJ & sound technician.
Paul Cartwright Ceremony & Reception musician.
Raviv Ullman Reception DJ.
Mark Laramee
Reception DJ.
Greg Patterson aka “DJ Spacecat”
Reception DJ.
Paul de Jong Reception karaoke.
Rebecca Marshall Cake table succulent tea party decorations.