A Wintery Elopement in Iceland

Elope in Iceland

December 20, 2023

Lacie had never been to Iceland but had a vision about getting married on the black sand beach there before she and John were even engaged. She had a tattoo with the coordinates of the beach tattooed on her back just before her wedding! They were married on a stormy and snowy January day. She wore two dresses – one white and one black – and they travelled around from the black sand beach to the snowy mountains and a dramatic waterfall.

“Our inspiration was just the surroundings” Lacie told us. “Iceland is so dramatic on its own… the black sand was a huge centrepiece for us. We got married in the dead of winter on one of the most dangerous beaches in Iceland. It was snowing and blowing!”

The couple wrote their own vows and said them in a cave on the beach. Their music was the waves crashing and their confetti was the snow. “It was beautiful”, the bride remembered, “there’s nothing we’d do differently, it was such a memorable experience and makes for a great wedding story.”