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Colourful, Tropical Tiki Bar Wedding with a Focus on Fun


Photography by Vicki

March 18, 2024

Ana and Chris met on OK Cupid, bonding quickly over their mutual love of travel. Ana was actually Chris' first online date and six years later they were married! They wanted their day to be non-traditional, full of colour and to have lots of nods to recent travels (Ana's dress had custom embroidered patches on it of things directly inspired by some locations they've visited together – Easter Island, Singapore, Mexico… and of course, London, where they now live).

Informal Summer Wedding at Asylum Chapel


Michelle Wood

November 10, 2023

Jordan and Ed had a wedding in three parts. They had a late start time so the bride could start the day by doing a 5k run (as she does every Saturday). They then had their ceremony at 4pm at Asylum Chapel followed by a 'Great British knees up' style reception at a local pub. Jordan had also bought two outfits - a more traditional dress and a Catherine Deane jumpsuit - and she didn't decide which she was wearing until about 30 minutes before the ceremony!

London Calling: A Celebration of Small Businesses for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine



October 18, 2023

As we navigate a rapidly changing world, the rebellious spirit of the punk era serves as a powerful reminder to challenge the status quo, particularly in creative industries - and the bridal fashion scene is no exception. While the pandemic disrupted and reshaped our lives, a new wave of bridal designers began to emerge. These bold and fearless creatives are rejecting the traditional norms of the wedding industry, ushering in a much-needed revolution. Gone are the days when brides were confined to a limited selection of strapless, A-Line gowns; the mantra now is innovation, creativity... and a dash of rock 'n' roll.