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Informal Summer Wedding at Asylum Chapel


Michelle Wood

November 10, 2023

Jordan and Ed had a wedding in three parts. They had a late start time so the bride could start the day by doing a 5k run (as she does every Saturday). They then had their ceremony at 4pm at Asylum Chapel followed by a 'Great British knees up' style reception at a local pub. Jordan had also bought two outfits - a more traditional dress and a Catherine Deane jumpsuit - and she didn't decide which she was wearing until about 30 minutes before the ceremony!

London Calling: A Celebration of Small Businesses for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine



October 18, 2023

As we navigate a rapidly changing world, the rebellious spirit of the punk era serves as a powerful reminder to challenge the status quo, particularly in creative industries - and the bridal fashion scene is no exception. While the pandemic disrupted and reshaped our lives, a new wave of bridal designers began to emerge. These bold and fearless creatives are rejecting the traditional norms of the wedding industry, ushering in a much-needed revolution. Gone are the days when brides were confined to a limited selection of strapless, A-Line gowns; the mantra now is innovation, creativity... and a dash of rock 'n' roll.

Intimate, Fifties, Rock n Roll Style COVID Wedding

Sophie Cooke

Xanthe Rowland Weddings

March 10, 2021

Mandi and Joeby fought tooth and nail to make their 2020 wedding happen. “We were determined to stick to our date no matter what,” Mandi told us. “We decided quite early on that even if it just meant us and a witness, we would just get it done - I’d proposed to Joey in 2018 and for us it was important to just be married, not about a big party or putting our lives on hold - and this sentiment felt particularly important to stick to before the world went to complete shit!”

Party Like it’s a Pandemic: A Low-Key London Wedding


Holly Rose

February 3, 2021

Unintentionally, Vicky and Jake's September became vintage London themed because they wanted to show off the city that they love. They chose Chelsea Old Town Hall as both their ceremony and reception venue, booked a vintage double decker red bus and planned their photos around some of the most iconic tourist attractions. Décor and theme wise they did keep things pretty simple, choosing simple DIY floral arrangements that let the venue be the star of the show.

A Budget-Friendly London Winter Wedding with the Bride & Groom in Pink


Dave Banks, Anita Hodgman, Nilesh Bell Gorsia, Matthew Rose

December 16, 2020

Lexi and Tom chose Islington Town Hall and Green Rooms, a local bar/ hotel, as the locations for their November 2021 wedding. It was important to them both that the day was as stress-free and fun as possible so they decided to ignore the traditional timeline and do an evening-only wedding with their ceremony at 5pm. They got ready together at home with their mates, wore coordinating pink outfits and matching Adidas sneakers, walked down the aisle to KC & Jojo and had a reading from Fleabag.