Rustic Luxe Pub Wedding: Marina & Darren

Craig Williams Photography

June 26, 2013

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Marina and Darren were married at Burgh House and The Prince Albert pub in Camden. Their day was simple but elegant and beautiful. The bride read the term ‘rustic luxe’ in a bridal magazine and that seemed to fit them perfectly! “Our wedding was full of beautiful rustic touches, like the flowers and picnic baskets, mixed in with a bit of 1920s glamour to give it a luxurious feel,” she explained. “Birds played a small part, as we had become a pair of Finches! We wanted the overall day to feel relaxed and the evening to be like a bloody good night out!”

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Marina wore a stunning Jenny Packham gown inspired by the 1920s with Rachel Simpson shoes and flower clips in her hair from Oasis. The day was laid back and fun, and the small guest list (just 47 in total!) meant they could really enjoy spending time with everyone. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously so there was lots of laughter, humour and silliness throughout the whole day, even starting with my arrival!” she continued. “Guests knew I had arrived as they heard me telling family to get in photos! I wanted to have photos in the ‘Sullivan Garden’ before the ceremony as I was going from being a Sullivan to a Finch…at least Darren knew I had arrived!”

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“The whole day wasn’t your traditional wedding. I’d like to think it was unique as we stuck to everything we wanted to without compromise, as every part of it had been chosen for a reason. From our guests point of view it was unique not only because of the venues but the intimacy and everyone got on really well; so we’re told! Having a small wedding meant that everyone who was there knew us really well, and us them, meaning everyone was relaxed which was what we had hoped for.”

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“One of my favroite moemnts was our first dance, which was a surprise for me! Up until the Wednesday before we hadn’t planned anything so we decided to do a mash up of two songs that we would freestyle too. After the speeches Darren asked me to wait upstairs in the dining room while he go down and check the music was ready. Little did I know he was getting everyone in place wearing a rather stylish pair of ‘M & D’ branded pink and turquoise sunglasses while we freestyled (robotica anyone?!) to Stuck in the Middle with You by Stealers Wheel. It’s a simple idea but gave us much amusement and it made our guests feel like they were part of our first dance!”

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“But my ultimate favourite part was seeing that everyone was enjoying themselves”, she concluded. “Everyone tells you that your wedding is about the two of you, which for us, was only partly true as we wanted all our guests to enjoy it as much we would. So it was lovely to see that happening and everyone ‘getting’ what the day was about.”

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