Kitsch Robot Themed Wedding on a £5000 Budget

Ellie Grace Photography

August 9, 2017

Charlie and Chris were married in Sheffield. The theme was robots and skulls and they had little nods to both of those things everywhere you looked.

“I’m not sure many weddings have quite so many robots included!” Charlie laughed. “They’re very important to both of us so needed to be a pretty big part of the wedding. We’ve always had an ongoing joke that he’s a robot. Unusually it was also me that proposed to Chris using a comic book called The Adventures of Robot Boy and Princess Kitty. Our engagement rings have robots with ‘Beep’ and ‘Boop’ on. We designed our wedding rings to have the same engravings on in our own handwriting and a hand drawn robot couple taken a card I’d made for Chris years ago.”

“We didn’t want to be too restricted”, she continued. “Our aim was to surround ourselves with things that made us smile which included tons of kitsch and colour with a healthy dose of robots, flamingos and sugar skulls. Chris constantly reassured me that if it didn’t give me the ‘eeeeee’ cute factor, then what was the point!? Our main aim was to have a really chilled out, fun and informal day so we could enjoy spending time with all our loved ones.”

The ceremony was lead by the bride’s brother (also called Chris) who was dressed as WIlly Wonka! “Having my brother lead the ceremony was so special. The fact that Chris surprised us turning up dressed as Willy Wonka just summed up how well he knows me and the lengths he will go to put a smile on my face. When we walked up the aisle it was so reassuring to see someone we loved beaming back ready to go through all those meaningful words with us. There was so much love in the room, it was truly wonderful.”

The bride wore the most beautiful yellow dress, made for her by Oh My Honey. Her bouquet was in the shape of an ice cream, her homemade headpiece was a unicorn and her shoes were Irregular Choice. “I found most of my inspiration looking through the Rock n Roll Bride website and all the fabulous real weddings where people had really gone for it. It gave me the balls to avoid some of the wedding traditions which weren’t very us. We wanted to feel comfortable and for it to reflect what was important to us (i.e. all the kitsch).”

The wedding was fully DIY, which took a lot of effort, but it did mean they were able to keep the costs down. “From the playlist to the decoration, we did it all from scratch which gives you great freedom but can also be a hard slog”, she said. “It’s so worth it when it all comes together though. We were really lucky to have lots of lovely friends who were willing to pitch in to set up the venue, arrange flowers in beer bottles, knit robots, lead the ceremony… People were so generous with their time and skills.”

“I was personally proudest of my ice cream button bouquet which allowed me to put lots of personal bits in (like song lyrics from my parents song). Although the homemade flamingo piñata was also a glorious thing to behold (he was called Fred). I had to be in the other room when the kids were bashing him to stop me from flinging myself forward in his defence!”

“Our advice for future brides and grooms is that it’s so important to stay true to yourselves and make it a day filled with your personality, but it’s also worth realising that it’s a very significant day for those that you love. It’s vital to get the balance between making it personal as well as ensuring others are included and understand why you’re making choices they wouldn’t necessarily make.”