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A Punk Rock Party in Melbourne


Nikki McCrone

June 11, 2024

Rachel and Kyle from Melbourne wanted their wedding to be more of a party than anything else, with a punk-rock twist that truly reflected their personal style. Their day was filled with vegan food, anime projections (Dragon Ball Z, Ghost In The Shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion) and head-banging to their favourite heavy music like Slipknot and System of a Down. The bride even changed into Crocs at the reception so she was comfortable and ready to party!

Punk Rock Princess: The Ultimate Emo-Inspired Wedding

Sophie Cooke

Veronica Varos

May 8, 2019

In doing their initial research, Sarah and Brian quickly started to realise that for the price of a traditional package wedding at a hotel or resort, they could instead piece it together using the people, places and things they already loved. “Using our everyday favourite things as inspiration for our day made decisions easier and the wedding itself feel authentic and real.” said Sarah.