Horror Film and Leopard Print Wedding… With Sphynx Cats!


May 7, 2015

Gothic Halloween Wedding... With Sphynx Cats (37)

When I shared a preview of Fran and Lewis’ wedding on my Facebook page, you all FREAKED OUT – and with good reason too. I mean, just check out Fran’s killer Couture Company dress, those leopard Crown and Glory kitty ears and their guests of honour – their sphynx cats!

The pair were married at Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire and they had their reception of pizza and movies at home. “Our wedding was just ‘us'”, said Fran. “We wanted everything we love to be a part of the day. That meant cats, pizza, leopard print, Him (our favourite band) Frankenstein and horror films!”

Gothic Halloween Wedding... With Sphynx Cats (10)

“Our ceremony was a hand-fasting and it was our favourite part of the day. Jumping the broom was amazing… and we got to keep it afterwards! We did it outside so it was really cold and really windy (my Nan had 3 coats on!) but it was wonderful. We also loved having our ‘reception’ back at our own house. Just having our best friends there and watching Pet Semetary (our go-to horror film!) and relaxing was amazing.”

Gothic Halloween Wedding... With Sphynx Cats (20)

“My dress was grey and leopard print and had a heartagram on it”, she continued. “Lewis also had the heartagram tattooed on his ring finger for his ‘wedding ring’. The dress was one of our biggest expenses but I knew I would look horrendous in a dress you would just pick out of a wedding dress shop. I wanted something that had both of our personalities in it. As soon as I found The Couture Company I knew they had to make my dress. Jo really understood what I wanted and she knew what I’d like before I did!”

Gothic Halloween Wedding... With Sphynx Cats (28)

In total the couple spent just £4000 on the wedding. “We really saved money on our invitations. We got them from moonpig.com on a special deal and they were SO CHEAP. We sent postcards with a photo of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s bride on. The favours were Halloween chocolates, and we bought them just after Halloween when they were on sale!”

Gothic Halloween Wedding... With Sphynx Cats (30)

“There is nothing we’d do differently, everything was perfect. Well, except maybe the fact that we had our ceremony during our daughter’s nap time and she screamed her head off the whole time. I can’t wait to tell her when she’s older what a misery guts she was all day! Pattie, our girl cat, also talked all the way through the wedding civil ceremony which was really funny and made everyone laugh. I think it has to go down as one of the noisiest weddings off all time. The registrar said it was ‘full of life’!”

Gothic Halloween Wedding... With Sphynx Cats (42)

“We loved our wedding so much”, Fran concluded. “We very nearly buckled under pressure and had a meal with lots of guests (people said we couldn’t really not invite people or not feed them) but we stuck to our guns and it was perfect.”

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