The List – The DIY & Crafty Wedding

October 9, 2010

We all know that DIY and crafty weddings are BIG right now, so for this week’s ‘The List’ guest post I asked blogger and wedding stylist London Bride to come up with some of her favourite ideas to make your wedding crafting just that little bit more Rock n Roll. You will love!

The DIY/Crafty List


Getting crafty can be fun, but a girl needs the right tools, right?  Some staples that I think every diy bride might find more handy than her handiwork itself.

Bring back the excitement of receiving letters in snail mail format and send your save the dates out in traditional airmail envelopes or use them as place names with some pretty calligraphy and a little letter inside to each of your friends and family with a sweet story or memory.

♥ Airmail Envelopes from SCP
Price £14.99
You can find similar ones on Etsy

♥ Don’t sign your name, stamp it! Add that unique touch to invitations with this personalised postage stamp with your wedding date on.  And what a lovely thing to keep for you and the Mr to use in the future when you write love letters to each other. Or anyone else.
Personalised Wedding Stamp from Ass Pocket Productions onEtsy
Price $15.00

♥ Sellotape just got sexy! The uses for Japanese washi or masking tape are as long as the tape itself.  Be it patterned, transparent or bright and stripy, wrap around jam jars for unique looking vases, stick onto gift tags or favour bags to personalise or double up over thread to make cute bunting.
Japanese Tape from Papermash
Price £5.95
You can find similar ones at MT

♥ I have a couple of these in my kitchen and they are just so cute I couldn’t resist adding them. Cluster together or dot along tables and fill with single florals such as ranunculus or gerbera.  Instant vintage farmer vibe. Add a doily underneath for extra loveliness.
Vintage Milk Bottles from Pedlars
Price £14.75
You can find similar ones on Ebay

♥ And here’s the tagline. Tags are good. They are cheap and cheerful and make anything look vintage, shabby and chic and are great for writing names and numbers on or tying to trinkets.
Vintage Travel Tags from Cox & Cox
Price £6

♥ This crate is much more than just an old box! Keep it rustic and use to serve bottled drinks from or paint it, stencil your initials onto the side and ask guests to fill with their wedding cards for you so they are all in one place! Then use it as a planter post wedding.
Vintage Crate from Mabel & Rose
Price £25.00
You can find similar ones at your local green grocer or food markets

♥ Brown paper packages tied up with string? Yes this is one of my favourite things, but not just any old string, it’s got to be bakers twine. The candy striped cotton is just the prettiest and most practical. I swear, get a roll of this and you’ll be tying it around everything. Even the curtains. Or the groom if he’s lucky.
Bakers Twine from Divine Twine
Price $15.00
You can find similar ones at Not On The Highstreet

Charley x
Check out more of Charley’s style and wedding tips over at her blog London Bride 


  1. I LOVE the name Restoration Cake – even without the explanation it’s always felt so ‘you’, which is exactly the point you make!

    I’m guessing the person who didn’t ‘get’ your name probably didn’t ‘get’ your brand either – which is fine because the whole point of you being your brand is to attract people who like and understand the same things as you because like-minded people are most likely to be happy with your product/service. (Jasmine Star said this and it’s always stuck with me!)

    Thanks for an excellent post Charlotte – and the equally-excellent ‘purple cow’ advice! xxx

  2. Totally agree and until now I had never even thought it was an odd name for your company… it just seems right.. like all good brands. Now I want some cake :-/

  3. MrsSpoon

    Excellent post and thank you thank you thank you. I’ve literally just put my tools down for a quick lunch and saw this.

    I’ve recently thought of a name for my little venture and was having real doubts about it so had thought of an alternative. I don’t love the alternative its just not me so I’m going to stick with the name I love. Its long and a real mouthful but its definately me and definately a purple cow – the cow may even have pink spots too :oD

    Now, I’m off to crank the blow torch back up with a happy smile on my face!

  4. I love your company name! From the moment I met you I knew Restoration cake was YOUR name!
    I also feel it’s very much about the fact that you make non-dairy and vegan cakes, not many people try to do this. You bring a new era of wedding cakes!
    And it’s not easy, making a vegan cake work… gosh I know that by experience!
    We shouldn’t waste our time on people who don’t understand -or don’t want to understand- what we are doing or trying to achieve. We don’t need the negativism. And frankly I think the guy who didn’t get your name wasn’t very creative!
    Keep on baking that cake lady! xxx

  5. I agree,, your name is cool and works for you…lol some people :-S, great read charlotte, many many things make lots of sense! x

  6. You rock lady!!! This article is so true and rings so many bells with me. In the early days I had some negative feedback on a forum about my company name. The comment went along the lines of “I wouldn’t want my photography done by a company called Assassynation”….why? I don’t stamp it all over their pics!

    I decided that I wanted to be me….and Assassynation summed up everything I wanted to convey, yes people find it odd but hell the people who are ‘my kinda customers’ get it and love it….and that’s all that matters.

    It’s exactly the same for you, the people that need to get it do and the others….well they’re not important. You are so right though… an ex Marketing Manager (don’t shoot me) I know that having a strong brand and identity is key… have that! Keep it up girlfriend!!

  7. RachyLou

    Aww, Charlotte, lovely post! One of the things Aaron and I LOVED about you was your company name, the fact you had some depth behind you rather than a girly-sounding, frothy, cakey name!
    You are incredibly talented at what you do which obviously helps, but something that attracted us to you as potential customers was your personal style and obvious love for the 40s, your rock n roll-ness AND your friendly, welcoming personality! Big companies just don’t have that.

    You have a fan and friend for life here, it’s such a pleasure to see you go from strength to strength, so keep doing what you’re doing because nobody else can do it like you 🙂 xo

  8. Aw, you guys! Thank you so much to each and every one of you for your lovely words.

    I feel very blessed to work in this amazing industry with so many wonderful creative women and to have the pleasure of working with such fabulous brides.



    *slightly misty-eyed right now… something in my eye… ahem*

  9. Ha ha, a purple cow, I like it.

    Great post Charlotte, well done for sticking with what makes your business unique, I couldn’t agree more with every word.

  10. The companies that stand out are the ones that ‘live the brand’ and you do that so well, you really are the embodiment of Restoration Cake. Quite frankly the only other name that may have even possibly worked is F***ing Awesome Cakes.


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