DIY Tutorial: Create a 1960s Inspired Beehive Hair Style

Photography Credit: Arrow & Apple

I’m rubbish at hair…which is kind of ironic considering I have a candy pink barnet. However when it comes to styling…yeah I suck.  So today I’m super excited to share an easy tutorial from one of my favourite bloggers Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess about how to create a simple and gorgeous beehive hair do.

Now excuse me, I’m off to practice with a bath loofa…

♥  ♥  ♥

Supplies needed:

♥ Bath Loofa (any color)

♥ A piece of fabric that matches your hair color to cover the bath loofa

♥ A rubber band

♥ Bobby pins

♥ Hair spray

Step 1: Cover a bath loofa in a solid fabric that matches your hair color.

Step 2: Pull one small section of hair forward (leave unteased). Gather a second 1-2 inch section, spray and back-comb it. Repeat with 2-3 more sections until your hair looks like this… 

Step 3: Add the loofa to your hair. Wherever you position the loofa will be where the bump sits. Cover the loofa with pieces of hair and pin each piece down. Continue to cover it from every direction until the loofa is completely hidden!

Step 4: Pull pieces from the sides of the hair back to cover the sides of the bump. This creates a beautiful shape.

Step 5: Choose to pull the back of the hair up or leave it down (a la Amy Whinehouse).

Enjoy your new beehive! I wore one in my bridal portraits and my bridesmaids wore them at my wedding. Beehives are so classic and stylish. I love them paired with a 1960’s dress or a simple gown.

XO, elsie

Photography Credit: Arrow & Apple


  1. Linzi

    Wow, genius idea!!! Did she use a pink loofah so you could use it uncovered Kat? Save you the hassle!

  2. Charlotte

    I just LOVE this!! Think I might try it tomorrow night for my friend’s hen…know what I’ll be practising tonight!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 XX

  3. AMY

    I love rocking the beehive, but I use fake hair that I put into a knee high panty hose that is close to my hair color and use that. You can also use cotton balls in a knee high as well. It is super easy, very comfortable and if anyone were to touch your hair they would never know you were hiding anything under there!

  4. Brilliant tutorial – if only I hadn’t had my hair cut ‘choppy’. It looks amazing – and even better in blue!

  5. Kat & Elsie, this is…. AWESOME! I have been scouring the net looking for great how-to guides for retro hairstyles and this one is brilliant! Not sure yet what style we’ll be rocking for my wedding, but this looks dead-set easy and I’m sure my hairdresser sister (yes I am a very lucky girl) will be super excited to experiment with the beehive! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    ~ Katie

  6. luna

    I’ve noticed a couple of people who say they havent got enough hair for this – for shorter/less hair you can cut a bun doughnut in half and pin it to your crown and pull the hair over that for a smaller but no less prettiful beehive 🙂

  7. Such a beautiful wedding. The bride looks amazing. I love how the photographer has really captured the mood of the day.
    And the blooms are so elegant, compliments the gown perfectly!

  8. michelle mcgregor

    Which wedding are the photos from?? Really loving the dresses!
    Got engaged just before Christmas and the idea of a full on wedding dress doesn’t appeal but love each of the dresses in the bottom photo

  9. Nazzy

    Fantastic idea to use a bath scrunchi I always use fake hair which takes to much time I have tried it and lovi it ! Thanks 🙂

  10. Top idea. For my hair I’d need a little bird loofah mind! Wouldn’t be confident to try on a wedding day but will def give it a go at next opportunity to dress up.

  11. This actually made me laugh out loud I love how effective this is and with a bath loofah!! Excellent! X


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