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Alternative Engagement Ring Idea: Rose Gold

camera hannah_rachel and jamie

Rachel & Jamie by Camera Hannah (full wedding featured in issue 11, on sale September 1st!)

Rose gold has definitely become the metal of 2016. It’s been all over the high street (from shoes to handbags and everything in between), is being used on tech products such as phones and laptops and of course cropping up in more and more costume jewellery too. I can totally see why – it’s warmer than white gold or silver, cheaper than platinum and a bit more youthful than yellow gold. It’s somehow wearable yet super luxurious with just a hint of cool all at the same time.

Despite being super popular on the high street, finding premium rose gold products like wedding bands and engagement rings can still be a bit tricky, which is why I wanted to share some of my favourite finds from Diamond Mansion with you today.

For those of you that haven’t heard of them, they are located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles’ historic jewellery district (but sell online and ship worldwide). What distinguishes Diamond Mansion from other jewellery companies is that, with the help of one of their friendly, patient, and knowledgeable customer service advisers, you can fully design a wedding or engagement ring to suit your budget or personal style.

Here are my favourite rose gold rings from their extensive collection. Remember each one can be customised, so rather than seeing these as ‘the’ ring you might get, think of them as starting off points for creating your own, completely unique dream engagement ring!

Alternative Engagement Ring Rose Gold (1)

Round cut natural halo pave contemporary ring 

Alternative Engagement Ring Rose Gold (2)

Round cut Verragio insignia infinity style engagement ring

Alternative Engagement Ring Rose Gold (3)

Asscher cut split shank with sidestones

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Alternative Bouquet Ideas for Brides Who Still Like Flowers

rachel-jamie-camera hannah bouquet

Rachel & Jamie by Camera Hannah (full wedding featured in issue 11, on sale September 1st!)

A quick Google search for ‘alternative bouquet ideas’ gives you a plethora of non-floral options of everything from brooches and buttons, paper roses, felt and even candy! There are so many ideas out there for brides that want something different for their bouquet other than flowers.

But what if you still want something unique, but you still like flowers? Well fret not, I am here to help!

Succulents are a great flower to use in a bouquet. They’re sturdy, look super cool and can even be re-potted and kept afterwards!

Rainbow roses are some of my favourites. Of course they’re not naturally these colours (they’re dyed) but they make for a completely spectacular bouquet which is perfect for a colour-loving bride to carry down the aisle.

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Looking For Something Different to Display at your Wedding? How About Giant Deckchairs!

giantdeckchairs (1)

I was walking around Brighton with my sister a few months ago when we spotted two oversized deckchairs that had been set up to promote an event. We decided to stop, hop on and take a quick photo and let me tell you we weren’t the only ones! There was a queue round the block of people waiting to do exactly the same thing. Who knew they’d be such a photo op hit? Well the guys at The Prop Factory clearly do because they’ve just launched, specifically for weddings!

They say, “Giant Deckchairs is the largest manufacturer and supplier of giant deckchairs all over the world. As the original creators, we have all the knowledge and experience to make our chairs the best and the highest in quality. Our customisable giant deckchairs are a massive head-turner at weddings, events and engagement photo shoots. We always get fantastic feedback from wedding parties – especially when it comes to the wedding photographs!”

“The chairs are entirely safe and tested too! They are BS EN tested to meet European safety standards and because we are an ethical company with an eye on the environment, the chairs use sustainable timber from an FSC Certified Supplier.”

giantdeckchairs (2)

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Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit with Dove_rocknrollbride_made u look2

Oops moments happen. We’re all human after all. Your wedding day will be no different which is why I think it’s important to have those ‘just in case’ items with you. Just a quick search on Pinterest is enough to give you heart palpitations about being completely unprepared. I mean for some of these you’re going to need to haul a bloody great suitcase with you down the aisle to fit it all in (overkill much?)

You should probably leave the extension cord at home, but there are a few things you really do need to have with you on your wedding day. For me those would be safety pins, plasters, chewing gum and deodorant.

They’re all pretty self-explanatory but one of them is a complete non-negotiable – a good deodorant. I know at my own wedding I have never felt more nervous than when I was about to walk down the aisle. A heady mixture of excitement, anticipation and nerves made me thankful I was wearing a good deodorant! If you’re a nervous bride like I was then you’ll definitely need to think about this too. After all, no-one wants sweat patches when your husband or wife-to-be sees you for the first time. And let’s face it, this is likely to be very sweat-patch inducing moment!

Today I’m partnering with Dove to share their brand new campaign, Amazing Moments, in which they put their Clinical Protection Antiperspirant to the test during a real woman’s surprise proposal to the love of her life. Dove Clinical Protection offers undeniable wetness protection and has ¼ moisturisers to care for skin.

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Design your Alternative Wedding Dress with Ieie’s Dress Boutique

ieie wedding dresses (4)

Danijela Weddings

We all want to have that moment. The moment where you find ‘the’ dress, you feel like a princess for the first time in your life, and you squeal with excitement over the thought of walking down the aisle in the most perfect gown you’ve ever laid eyes on.

But what if the idea of going to a bridal boutique fills you with dread? Or if you want something really different or alternative and you just can’t find it in any stores? If you’ve always dreamt of creating your own dream wedding dress than you need to check out Ieie’s Dress Boutique.

This boutique style bridal salon is operated exclusively online. They work with brides all over the world and they specialise in customised wedding dresses, meaning if you can dream it they can create it!

ieie wedding dresses (2) ieie wedding dresses (9)

Unlike wedding gowns from more traditional store, where designs are mass produced by a manufacturer, their dresses are all made to order and can be completely customised based on exactly what you want. So whether you want a vintage style wedding dress, a lace wedding dress or a modest wedding dress, they can help you!

ieie wedding dresses (3)

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Animated Video Invitations from Mini Epic


Organising hen and stag parties is getting harder and harder. Is it just me or do they all seemed to be way bigger and more complicated than they used to be? When I got hitched we just went for a night out in London, these days most hen dos seem to span over an entire weekend with multiple activities planned, and so many stag dos involve hopping on a plane!

This post is for those of you tasked with organising a hen or stag do in the near future. I’ve just done it for my sister, and believe me I feel your pain. Having to organise 10+ girls to not only agree on something to do, but making sure they’re all available on the same date and they can all afford it was like herding kittens at times!

When it came to inviting people along, I’ll admit, I took the easy route and started a private Facebook group, but what if there was a more fun and creative way to get people really excited about it, just like you might do with your wedding invitations?

Well, the answer is finally here and its a truly 21st century solution to the problem! Mini Epic is a dynamic new online invitation service which raises the bar with their range of highly entertaining, professionally designed, animated template invitations for hen and stag parties.

Launched by Jonathan Shine, an established motion graphics artist, he came up with the idea when he was best man a few years ago. With the daunting task of having to convince 15 guys to fork out for a stag do in Vegas, he wanted to create an invitation that featured the groom and would hint at where and what kind of do they were aiming for. He wanted to get everyone excited and usher them towards accepting the invite and what he came up with certainly did that!

“I thought of creating a Hollywood-style cinematic teaser trailer as the invitation”, he said. “The guys loved the invitation, it set the tone for the stag do and made everyone feel as though this was going to be an epic party. And that’s how the idea for Mini-Epic came about.”

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