Eight Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Rings

November 22, 2023

When it comes to choosing your wedding rings, although aesthetics are super important, you should also consider what this piece of jewellery represents when you make your choices. Martin Commins, owner of Dublin Jewellers, Bespoke Diamonds, is here today to share his ideas on how you can make your wedding bands perfect for you.

Incorporating Birthstones

Incorporating birthstones into wedding rings is a beautiful way to add personal significance and colour to a piece. At Bespoke Diamonds, we offer a variety of gemstones to enable the integration of these meaningful stones. Whether it’s to represent your own birth month or to keep the presence of loved ones close, birthstones bring a unique and colourful dimension to the ring.

Using Heirloom Gold

Repurposing heirloom gold for wedding rings is a meaningful way to honour family heritage – it’s also a really sustainable option. We frequently assist clients in transforming gold from family heirlooms into new pieces. This practice is particularly popular for men’s wedding rings.

Custom Engraving

A couple I worked with recently chose to engrave not only their wedding date but also the initials of their parents on the inside of their bands as a tribute to the role their families played in their lives and relationship.

Another couple chose to engrave a phrase from a love letter that was exchanged during their early days of dating. By including such intimate and meaningful inscriptions, wedding rings become more than just symbols of your commitment; they become repositories of your history.

Stones from a Special Location

Incorporating stones from a special location into a wedding ring is a unique way to commemorate a place that holds significant meaning to you. One memorable example was a couple who wanted to include stones from the beach where they first met. Although sourcing these specific stones presented a challenge, we did manage to integrate them into their ring design. This not only added a unique aesthetic but also immortalised a pivotal moment in their relationship.

Hidden Gemstones

A client requested a small sapphire, the birthstone of his late sister, to be placed inside the band of his wedding ring. This discreet gemstone was a private tribute to her memory, a way for him to keep her close on his wedding day and beyond.

Matching Couple’s Rings

We once designed rings for a couple who wanted to incorporate elements from the place where they first met. Both rings featured a subtle wave pattern, reminiscent of the seaside where their paths crossed. Can you think of any subtle, personal ways you could add your own story to your rings?

Cultural or Religious Symbols

We have engraved Celtic knots, Jewish Star of Davids and various other cultural and religious symbols onto wedding rings before. By incorporating meaningful symbols like these, your wedding rings can become a testament to your love and respect for each other’s backgrounds.

Quirky Engravings

Offering unusual engraving options for wedding rings means we can provide the ultimate one-of-a-kind personalisation. Why not consider adding handwriting, family crests, geographical locations, inside jokes or a meaningful quote to your rings?

Getting your wedding rings made with Bespoke Diamonds is not a one-size-fits-all process. We will work with you to ensure that each ring is not just a piece of jewellery, but a masterpiece with personal significance to the two of you.

About Bespoke Diamonds

Martin Commins, the owner of two esteemed Dublin-based jewellers, Bespoke Diamonds and Commins and Co, has been a prominent figure in the jewellery industry for over a decade. His dedication to craftsmanship and exceptional service has propelled his businesses to become among the foremost destinations for engagement rings and wedding rings in Ireland.

Bespoke Diamonds specialise in creating truly personalised and meaningful pieces of jewellery. Through a meticulous process involving client consultations, design choices, 3D rendering, wav models and expert quality control they transform individual stories into finely-crafted symbols of love and commitment.

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