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Colourful Vintage Wedding: Dean & Jen


With a surname like Wildblood, Dean and Jen’s wedding was never going to be boring. In fact they wanted their wedding to be just like them –  quirky, stylish, fun and with a hint of vintage. Jen wore a Vivienne Westwood wedding dress and jewellery, and Dean looked dashing in his Reiss suit, Thomas Pink tie and Kurt Geiger shoes.


“It was really important to us that our wedding represented us and our tastes”, Jen wrote. “While we’ve been to a few modern weddings and they’ve been beautiful and elegant, we personally wanted something with an older, less polished feel. All my thoughts became cohesive when myself, my maid of honour Han and my mum went to I Do Vintage Wedding Fayre. I found everything there – the photographers, the cake makers, the lady who made my veil and garter and our music trio. I didn’t go to another fayre. This helped me focus my ideas and inspired me to use vintage crockery for the wedding breakfast, which was the major jumping off point for the whole feel of the wedding.”


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Opulent Vivienne Westwood Inspired Wedding: Sashy & Dashy

Vivienne Westwood Wedding _ Anna Hardy _181

When wedding photographer Anna Hardy told me that she just shot a wedding where the bride wore the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress from the first Sex and the City movie, I was excited, damn excited. As someone who not only owns the entire box set of SATC but pretty much watched in a week straight when I got it, I couldn’t wait to see how a real bride looked in this iconic gown.

And the answer? FIERCE.

Vivienne Westwood Wedding _ Anna Hardy _089

“Dashy was already living in London when we met”, explained Sashy. “I was still in Leeds at the time. It was New Year’s Eve 2009 the first time we talked to each other, and we just instantly clicked. I had just been offered a job in London and was moving down two weeks later, we were jumping around like drunken idiots shouting ‘Sashy & Dashy in LONDON!’…soon enough we were best friends. It always felt like there was something more than friendship between us and we’d sometimes have a secret kiss when our other friends weren’t looking! We talked about being together but said it was best to remain friends as we knew if we started a relationship it would be forever.”

Vivienne Westwood Wedding _ Anna Hardy _107

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Simple and Personal Manchester Museum Wedding: Laura & Matt

39. Couple ChloeAnneCharnockPhotography

Laura and Matt’s wedding was simple, personal and perfect for them. When they started planning they were encouraged by their parents to do whatever made them happy – so that’s exactly what they did!

3. BrideHair -ChloeAnneCharnockPhotography

“We just wanted a very relaxed ceremony with our immediate family, and then a great party for our friends and family”, explained the bride. “We had 15 guests at Manchester Museum where we had out ceremony. It took place under their T-Rex and then we had our drinks reception in the fossil room! The staff were great and took the children on a tour around the museum while we were having photographs. After drinks, taxis took us to Room Restaurant for a meal. The food and service were excellent, and the bill was surprisingly modest.”

8. Walkingdownisle -ChloeAnneCharnockPhotography

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Quirky Shoreditch House Wedding: Arran & Heidi


Arran and Heidi had two weddings. The first, a non-traditional and very ‘them’ wedding in Shoreditch complete with a bowling alley reception party, and the second a more traditional celebration for their families.

“The most significant thing was probably the fact that we ended up having two weddings”, explained Heidi. “Whilst Arran and I are not particularly traditional and didn’t have any particular desires to have a big white wedding, my parents had other ideas. I come from a large middle eastern family and there was a lot of pressure for us to have a traditional wedding – white dress, country house, the works…”


“In the end (and after a huge amount of negotiation) we were able to compromise and ended up having two celebrations. The first at Marylebone Town Hall and Shoreditch House, which was attended just by friends and immediate family. And the second in a country house hotel in Windsor where we approximated a traditional blessing (I am a staunch feminist so several of the more misogynistic traditional bits needed to be taken out) followed by another big party for the extended family. Whilst having two weddings was a lot more work, it did mean that we were able to stick to our guns and have exactly the wedding we wanted (the Shoreditch House one) without having to compromise and include things that weren’t right for us.”


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Intimate Glasgow Wedding: Louise & Colin

“Louise & Colin are one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever photographed”, wrote Scottish wedding photographer Caroline of Candysnaps Photography. “They have such an amazing chemistry and are so very much in love. It is such a joy to work with a couple like this. They just opened up and really let me in and totally forgot about the camera.”

This gorgeous couple didn’t want a big fuss for their wedding so they had a really small and intimate day with just their nearest and dearest in attendance  The two of them got ready together at 15 Glasgow and after the ceremony at Glasgow’s Park Circus registry office they had a very small (not photographed) reception at the Malmaison hotel. They did allocate the time for an urban photo session around the city with their photographer Caroline though which resulted in some pretty spectacular shots!

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A Colourful Multicultural Wedding: Piyush and Bex

Gosh where does one begin with a wedding like Bex & Piyush’s? This is pretty much what wedding bloggers dreams are made of… at least mine are anyway!

Bex & Piyush wanted to celebrate the heritage of both families in their wedding. The wedding was an Indian/Western fusion celebration at Heaton House Farm near Macclesfield. Unlike many mixed-background couples, they opted to have just one ceremony incorporating both a Western civil ceremony alongside Indian traditions. Bex & Piyush didn’t want to have two separate ceremonies, preferring to represent both their heritages together. “Our wedding was a bright, colourful, inclusive, multicultural and non-religious, light-hearted day, providing an alternative to the inherent narcissism of traditional wedding”, began Bex. “We had the wedding on an English farm, complete with views of rolling hills, wellies and rain showers.”

“We ate vast amounts of curry – South Indian during the day and North Indian in the evening. We drank tea (of the marsala chai variety), we had a traditional fruit wedding cake complete with slightly more exotic ingredients: crystalised pineapple, papaya and pistachio, and not very traditional icing. We tried to make it a financially neutral event for our guests by providing transport, camping and a free bar. Our inspiration was colour, lace, doilies, henna, jam jars, lentils, roses, daisies, tin cans, books, swans, ladybirds, drumming, postcards, Mills and Boon, stamping, candles, camping, singing, caravans, curry, friends, family and dancing…”

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