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Vancouver Winter Wedding in a Tattoo Studio: Jamie & George


Jamie and George were married on 13.12.13 in Vancouver. Their wedding day kicked off with them getting ready together at home, their legal ceremony was in a tattoo studios where they then got matching ‘Til Death’ tattoos on their ring fingers, and ended with a handfasting ceremony and a big massive party for all their friends and family.

“As a super design nerd our wedding date was actually something I thought about when we were picking it”, Jamie explained. “I knew I could play with the numbers on any of our printed items and make it look fabulous. Also, that it was Friday the 13th and all the vendors were available even on short notice. Because, Friday the 13th. Oh yeah.”


“Our theme was very East-Vancouver, and very us. Mechanic-meets-webdesigner-meets-city-meets-metal-meets-grunge-meets-winter-meets-elegance. Trashy elegance. And we loved every detail.  George is a mechanic and can’t wear rings. I inherited my late grandmother’s (whose portrait I haver on my left arm) wedding ring which she had custom made from a pair of her late mother’s vintage diamond earrings. Even though we were not going to exchange wedding rings, George and I really wanted to do something symbolic to represent our union. So we had the quick, dirty, and official ceremony at Gastown tattoo parlour where Mitch immediately tattooed the words “Til Death” on our ring fingers. SOOOOO enjoyed that!!!”


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A Scottish Loch-Side Wedding: Wayne & Mac

Wayne & Mac were married at The Lodge at Loch Goil in Scotland. The beautiful venue and epic scenery really defined their gorgeous wedding. Newlywed Mac told me all about their fabulous day. “Rock n Roll Bride was a favourite blog for my when planning my weddings! It was a bit of a godsend actually as all the standard wedding websites and magazines made me feel a bit nauseas with twitterings on about favours and general frilly pinkness. Wayne and I are both fairly scruffy monkeys that don’t do a lot of dressing up so we were keen to have a do that catered to us and our friends tastes. We wanted a fairly small wedding with close friends and family to have a chance of spending time with them rather than a quick 5 minutes that some mates had endured at their bigger do’s. And we wanted to get some time together!”

“The original plan was poking around a snow wedding in Norway or away snowboarding but the practicalities of shipping 20 plus people north or to mountains proved epic, and Wayne chipped in his ‘must haves’ of Scotland, bagpipes, and being able to keep his mutton chop sideys. We stumbled across The Lodge at Loch Goil during my many productive hours at work Googling and from our first visit adored it. Alice Gill, the head planner, and her assistant Kelly sorted out pretty much everything from their list of regular bookings – they do in-house catering (even with our veggie and gluten bothering mates), a resident florist and use local staff and suppliers for as much as possible including their own kitchen garden in the grounds.”

The simple and stress-free wedding was perfect for this couple who decided the wedding fluff and stuff really wasn’t for them! “I wore a dress from Coast,” the bride continued. “I originally found a random pink version on a non-wedding shopping trip, and despite not liking pink it liked it as I knew I didn’t want a meringue. I tried it on with the boots I had on and the seed was sown. It took a bit of ringing round various branches and whispering credit card details in restaraunt toilets to get it, and then persuading them to exchange it a couple of months later when the white version was released!”

“Neither Wayne or I are particularly religious and we wanted a ceremony that was a bit less formal than some might expect. After Mum mentioned going to a friend’s daughter’s humanist wedding where the bride and groom skipped down the aisle to the Benny Hill theme tune I knew we were on to a winner. We booked our wedding at quite short notice, and were lucky enough to meet Linda Britton, our celebrant. Humanist weddings encompass the legal bits with whatever reflects the couples values as long as it is dignified and legal! We met with her and did lots of emailing about the ceremony and she did us proud, we can’t thank or recommend her enough. The Lodge gave us indoor/outdoor options for the ceremony depending on the weather. We had rain the day before and a pretty poor forecast but Alice came up trumps and gave the go ahead for the loch shore under the tree. (With the tyre swing, good fun). It was lovely and informal with a table, a few chairs and some flowers and everyone gathered round. People passing by in canoes and boats is a lovely bonus, and I’m so impressed that our photographer got such great photos as I spent the whole thing grinning like an idiot and doing thumbs up.”

The Lodge has been designed and curated with vintage and retro pieces and Alice is an encyclopedia of beautiful things. We also brought a dressing up box of nonsense for people to take their own shots with and loads of spare flip flops for dancing. The ultimate decor was the Lodge’s treehouse which I still make little squealy noises about when it pops up on the Visit Scotland TV adverts. It was the perfect place to have our pictures taken.”

“We had a piper from the local pipe band playing as guests arrived and as I trotted through the garden with my Dad. As a sneaky surprise Wayne and I booked fireworks in the evening through Alice, it was a hard job keeping my trap shut about it. The village gets considerate advance warning that they will be happening, and we were told they would all be out watching from their gardens. What we didn’t know was that the grounds would be lit with candles and we would launch a fireballoon as a pretence for getting everyone outside. The fireworks lasted ages and it was a wonderful end to our day standing by the loch with all our family and friends. I was so glad I skipped favours and other things I was ‘supposed’ to have and went for something that everyone could share in.”

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Lacy & Brandon’s Edgy Wedding

“The first time I met Lacy was over 10 years ago in high school where we became fast friends,” photographer Daniel Stark told me. “Unfortunately, she moved before our senior year and we gradually lost touch. When it came time to plan her wedding she walked into a bridal shop that happened to have my business cards. I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their fun, edgy, rockstar wedding.”

“Lacy has always been really cool and edgy even in high school.  And Brandon couldn’t have been a more perfect match for her. They quickly got identical tattoos with their own made up symbol that shows the love for each other. It was even on their wedding cake.”

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Nicola & Steve’s Intimate New York City Wedding

Happy New Year!

I’m starting 2011 with a bang, and the wedding of loyal Rock n Roll Bride reader Nicola to Steve. The couple, from Northern Ireland, were married in New York and Nicola spent a lot of her planning time on Rock n Roll Bride – in fact when she emailed me her wedding submission, I actually recognised her name from all the comments she’d left along the way. It was almost like we were old friends, so of course I I said yes to featuring her gorgeous Rock n Roll New York wedding on these pages.

The ceremony took place in Central Park. The couple didn’t have a reception as such as only Nicola’s sister attended the wedding, however they did have a wedding dinner at The River Cafe under the Brooklyn Bridge. “The idea of being centre of attention brings me out in a cold sweat and as both of us are from different parts of the UK we just thought it would be a logistical nightmare trying to bring everyone together,” the bride told me. “We also selfishly wanted it to be about pleasing ourselves on our day and not about what other people would want or expect.  I think because we had both been married before we knew what we didn’t want and our families gave us their blessing to do it our own way.”

“The night before our wedding we went to a show on Broadway which was amazing. It was a last minute decision and a great one (even though I had planned an early night of pampering I’m so glad we went to the show instead!)  On our big day we walked from the hotel to Central Park with Brian (our photographer) snapping away the whole time!  It was the most beautiful Autumn day with just a hint of winter chill – no clouds, no wind, no rain which was really lucky as the Ladies Pavilion where we had planned to have the ceremony was occupied – a homeless man was sleeping there and so, rather than disturb him, we went round the corner to Hearnshead and got married on a rocky outcrop by the lake – Brian said he had never photographed a wedding there before so that made it all the more unique! Thanks to the wonders of Facebook a girl I worked as a holiday rep with years before and who I hadn’t seen since 1998 had seen my status update about getting married, happened to be in New York on a city break herself and turned up to watch us getting married – it was brilliant to see her after all that time and in New York of all places!”

“After the ceremony we flagged a yellow cab and went to Times Square – even though I hadn’t wanted to be centre of attention in a traditional church wedding I have to admit, it was pretty fabulous strolling round Manhattan in our wedding finery with Brian taking our photos!  So many people stopped to congratulate us or call out (nice) comments and we even got asked if we were shooting a commercial or was it a real wedding! We finished up at Grand Central Station and shared a bottle of Champagne with Brian before deciding we were hungry and had hours to go until our wedding dinner booked at The River Cafe.  So, Brian took us to Planet Hollywood in Times Square and it was really funny seeing the looks on peoples’ faces as we tucked into burgers in our glad rags!! We had only booked Brian for a couple of hours and really wished then we had him for the whole day as he was the most genuinely nice guy and an amazing photographer who, being a native New Yorker knew exactly where to take us for the best shots of the city. We then visited an Irish bar called the Playwright’s Tavern on Brian’s recommendation and had a couple of drinks perched on bar stools there with all the regulars! We then went to the River Cafe for dinner. It was the most amazing restaurant with views of the Manhattan skyline. It was honestly the most fun, relaxing, surreal day and New York is THE most amazing place on earth.  The fact that we got married there will always be so special and will of course be a reason to return for our anniversary at some point in the future!”

Nicola designed her dress herself and had it made by Alex Gillespie of The Wardrobe, a local dressmaker in Helen’s Bay, Co. Down. It was made using dupioni silk and lace in champagne and had hidden pockets. With this she wore shoes from Marks & Spencer and a faux fur jacket and retro handbag on from eBay.

“I love the glamour of the 50’s – when women looked like women,” Nicola told me when I asked about their wedding inspiration.” However in real life I am very much a jeans and jumpers girl andmost weekends will find us hillwalking or along the beach with our dogs so dressing up isn’t a frequent occurrence.  I knew that as we were having a city wedding I wanted to wear a 50’s style shorter dress andI wanted sleeves (which are strangely hard to find on the internet!)  As I couldn’t find what I wanted and unfortunately don’t have the 22 inch waist necessary to wear most original vintage dresses I came up with my own design.  I also love Sex and the City which was a big part of why we decided on New York as the location – we knew it would be cold as we were getting married in November and we liked the idea of a colder city break as opposed to a beach wedding.”

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Scottish, Vintage Loveliness

I’m not one to go back on my promises, so here’s the gorgeous Scottish wedding to follow on from Sean & Nicola’s ‘Great Outdoors’ engagement session that I posted last week. The pair wanted a really laid back, family-orientated day and they chose Mugdock Park for their ceremony and The Local Town Hall for their reception. “We only really considered one option for a ceremony venue, which was Mugdock Park” they began. “It is an amazing place at the beginning of the west highland way, and we loved going there for mountain-biking, having barbecues or just strolling around. We met up with the park manager and we had to prove ourselves as fans of the park before they let us go ahead with it, as they have only 2 weddings a year there.  Our wedding was set around the old castle ruins, and my younger cousins provided the uplifting music by playing the violin and clarinet.”
“The reception venue was a local town hall, which had typical town hall features, but also a unique charm. Most importantly, it had a cheap bar! The hall was bare to begin with, but a troupe of family and friends worked hard the day of the wedding to decorate it beautifully with fairy lights and bedside lamps from their houses! I hired vintage mismatched china from Tatty Mac for a shabby-chic feel, and the cutlery and remaining crockery was hired from Cairns and Scott. We used old jam jars on the tables for tea candles, and randomly popped flower stems into old-style water bottles. Sean’s mum, being a keen gardener, used flowers from her garden, with some rustic-looking pots as table-centres.”

The couple skipped a lot of the traditional fare in favour of really personal touches including the flowers, which Nicola’s Mum collected and put together and the cake, which instead of a traditional one was replaced with cakes made my their friends and family members. “Instead of a traditional wedding cake, we asked a bunch of close friends and family if they would be willing to make their signature cake to lay out on a dessert table. The result was a wonderful variety of people’s tried and trusted recipes, which was mouth-watering” the couple said.

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Weddings like Hugo & Jenn’s are the reason I became obsessed with offbeat, alternative, unique and rock n roll weddings. With their roots firmly planted in the New York hardcore scene, this couple wanted a wedding nothing short of perfectly ‘them’.

Thanks to Matt for sharing this awesome couple and their fantastic wedding with us. I have too. much. love!

ps you may have noticed a few tweaks to the layout of the site including a brand spanking new search function…wooo! I’d love to know what you think of the changes so if you’re reading this via rss then come on over and have a gander!

Credit: Matthew Miller Photography