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Vancouver Winter Wedding in a Tattoo Studio: Jamie & George


Jamie and George were married on 13.12.13 in Vancouver. Their wedding day kicked off with them getting ready together at home, their legal ceremony was in a tattoo studios where they then got matching ‘Til Death’ tattoos on their ring fingers, and ended with a handfasting ceremony and a big massive party for all their friends and family.

“As a super design nerd our wedding date was actually something I thought about when we were picking it”, Jamie explained. “I knew I could play with the numbers on any of our printed items and make it look fabulous. Also, that it was Friday the 13th and all the vendors were available even on short notice. Because, Friday the 13th. Oh yeah.”


“Our theme was very East-Vancouver, and very us. Mechanic-meets-webdesigner-meets-city-meets-metal-meets-grunge-meets-winter-meets-elegance. Trashy elegance. And we loved every detail.  George is a mechanic and can’t wear rings. I inherited my late grandmother’s (whose portrait I haver on my left arm) wedding ring which she had custom made from a pair of her late mother’s vintage diamond earrings. Even though we were not going to exchange wedding rings, George and I really wanted to do something symbolic to represent our union. So we had the quick, dirty, and official ceremony at Gastown tattoo parlour where Mitch immediately tattooed the words “Til Death” on our ring fingers. SOOOOO enjoyed that!!!”


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A Scottish Loch-Side Wedding: Wayne & Mac

Wayne & Mac were married at The Lodge at Loch Goil in Scotland. The beautiful venue and epic scenery really defined their gorgeous wedding. Newlywed Mac told me all about their fabulous day. “Rock n Roll Bride was a favourite blog for my when planning my weddings! It was a bit of a godsend actually as all the standard wedding websites and magazines made me feel a bit nauseas with twitterings on about favours and general frilly pinkness. Wayne and I are both fairly scruffy monkeys that don’t do a lot of dressing up so we were keen to have a do that catered to us and our friends tastes. We wanted a fairly small wedding with close friends and family to have a chance of spending time with them rather than a quick 5 minutes that some mates had endured at their bigger do’s. And we wanted to get some time together!”

“The original plan was poking around a snow wedding in Norway or away snowboarding but the practicalities of shipping 20 plus people north or to mountains proved epic, and Wayne chipped in his ‘must haves’ of Scotland, bagpipes, and being able to keep his mutton chop sideys. We stumbled across The Lodge at Loch Goil during my many productive hours at work Googling and from our first visit adored it. Alice Gill, the head planner, and her assistant Kelly sorted out pretty much everything from their list of regular bookings – they do in-house catering (even with our veggie and gluten bothering mates), a resident florist and use l