Sue & Shonagh Whimsical & Wonderful Wedding – A Touching Tribute

Sue & Shonagh actually got married in May 2008, however following the sad passing of Sue’s Mum Hilary to Cancer just recently, with the full co-operation of the couple, both myself and photographer Caroline thought it would be a fitting tribute to share their whimsical and wonderful wedding with you today.

Sue (in the tartan dress) and Shonagh (in the blue dress) were neighbours of Caroline and as soon as she heard the couple we getting married she jumped at the chance to photograph it. Another friend, who also lived in the same building, Vonny Mullock, made both the brides’ dresses. Sue got ready in their flat and Shonagh got married in Vonny’s flat. The couple met on the landing between when they were both ready and headed out together to get married.

Their humanist ceremony and reception were held in the Pollokshields Burgh Hall in Glasgow, which is a lovely old building sitting in the middle of Maxwell park. The flowers look totally incredible and were all supplied by Floral Haven in Pollokshields, Glasgow. I can’t decide what I love more –  the bouquets, the head wreaths or the ceremony arch! They also had very touching readings and a hand bonding ceremony.

Thanks to Caroline for working with me on this touching feature.

“Sue’s mum Hilary, who has sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago, is the one in picture ‘S&S-23’ doing the speech and in the final picture ‘S&S-8 in the pink cardigan. So this is a little tribute to her and a memory of a happy time they shared together. I read somewhere once that heaven is simply the reliving of a single magnificent moment or feeling for eternity.”

Credit: Candy Snaps


  1. Wow that is such a beautiful wedding! I’m lucky enough to be making the flowers for a wedding in Pollockshields Burgh Hall this winter and it was so nice to see some pictures of it on the inside – I had only seen the outside before. I love the arch!

  2. Sue

    Thank you so much for such a touching tribute and kind comments too. We loved looking at the day again. It was a great day; a combination of self-made ceremony and quiet times in the park, dancing, feasting, song and fun. Mum loved it, and I’ll always be grateful she was a big part of the day. And grateful too that she lived to see us have two lovely babies!!! We are very lucky lasses.


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