On a Quirky & Personal Afternoon

January 17, 2010

Brett & Louise had an quirky and personal afternoon ceremony which was held at the Mt Coo-tha Botanical Gardens in Brisbane, Australia.  Their untraditional ceremony featured two rituals, both a ring warming and a hand-fasting ceremony.  Photographer Rebecca told me all about this fun and family-oriented day:

During the ring warming ceremony the rings were past around the guests who were asked to give their blessings and to make a wish for Louise & Brett’s future together.  During the exchange of rings Louise went from tears to laughter which help to create fantastic emotive images of her.   After the exchanging of the rings the hand fasting was performed.  This ceremony involved Brett and Louise’s mothers winding and tying  a piece of ribbon around their hands binding them together in life. 


Brett and Louise also used their special day for to hold a naming ceremony for their beautiful daughter Isadora.                    

The groom and groomsmen all researched their family tartan and kilts were made with their family tartan.  They also carried swords and daggers as part of their outfits  Louise’s beautiful dress was by Winnie Bridal and the bridesmaid’s all purchased their own black dresses of their choice. The couple purchased their flowers from Brisbane market flowers. Louise carried a bouquet of bird of paradise and the bridesmaid carried gorgeous orange gerberas. The reception was held at the Summit Restaurant, Mt Coo-tha.  Louise decorated the tables at the reception with gold fish in vases with floating orange gerberas and the wedding cake was made by Louise’s mother. Both Louise and Brett were fantastic throughout the day and Brett even managed to keep his cool with Louise being nearly half an hour late for the ceremony!

 Thanks to Rebecca, Brett & Louise for sharing this day with us

Credit: Life In Images Photography