Weddings like Hugo & Jenn’s are the reason I became obsessed with offbeat, alternative, unique and rock n roll weddings. With their roots firmly planted in the New York hardcore scene, this couple wanted a wedding nothing short of perfectly ‘them’.

Thanks to Matt for sharing this awesome couple and their fantastic wedding with us. I have too. much. love!

ps you may have noticed a few tweaks to the layout of the site including a brand spanking new search function…wooo! I’d love to know what you think of the changes so if you’re reading this via rss then come on over and have a gander!

Credit: Matthew Miller Photography


  1. Chaos Bean

    I think is my favorite wedding that you have posted. I love the rings and the photograph of the rings. If that was for sale on etsy I would buy it to hang on the wall in my office.

  2. Wow, this is why I love your site! Bravo to them for making it their own–I’m so inspired by people who don’t do what their mom’s tell them to do 😉


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