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My #1 Wedding Regret…

Sophie Cooke

Devlin Photos

February 14, 2018

Gareth and I have been married nearly five months now, and since the glitter has faded, the post-wedding admin complete and thankyou cards long sent, there’s been a niggling sense of regret in the back of the mind. Nothing to do with the day itself, against all odds that was absolutely perfect (you can read all about it in the latest issue of the magazine!). Nor to do with who I married, thank goodness; he’s still my absolute number one and despite being together 9 years before we got wed, it’s been like a brand new start to our relationship, in only the best way. You hear stories of people who regret not spending enough time with their other half on the day, or how much they smashed the pre-ceremony champs, or how they got carried away in all the wedding stuff and somehow landed themselves £25k in debt.

The Way Out Wedding: A Movie



August 6, 2016

When people ask me what makes a 'Rock n Roll wedding' I always respond by saying its not all about jumping out of airplanes... but that sometimes it is! Just check out Andrew and Ariel's incredible wedding video if you don't believe me! It's been a long time since I featured just a wedding video, but I think you'll all agree this one is amazing enough to stand on its own. This high impact, adrenaline junkie's dream is a proposal and wedding film all in one! You are going to love watching this, it's more like a high production value movie than a wedding video. But when the groom owns a production company, what do you expect!?

The One Thing You’re Leaving Out of Your Wedding That You’ll Regret Afterwards



April 27, 2016

If I've said it once, I've said it a billion times - investing in your wedding photography is SO important. However in all the discussions we've had on this topic, there's one thing that's often forgotten (and I'll admit, even by me sometimes) and that is the wedding video. I understand why so many couples decide to not have one. Whether its budget constraints, memories of cheesy 90s VHS tapes, thinking you'll probably never watch it afterwards, or not liking how you look or sound on film. So I decided to open the discussion on the topic in the Rock n Roll Bride Facebook group. Here's just a very small sampling of what they had to say.