How to Plan a Festival Wedding: Being Interviewed by Helen Anderson

helen anderson rock n roll bride

I’ve followed Helen Anderson; YouTuber, Instagram megastar and all round cool girl, for a few years now. I think I first found her when she did a video about how to get pink hair or something! I secretly always thought she was funny, awesome and that if we met we’d probably hit it off immediately.

When she got engaged last year I tweeted her to say congrats and offered to send her a magazine, and to my utter surprise she not only replied, but told me she’d been reading my blog for years too! What followed was a whirlwind internet romance of mutual fangirling (we’re both not ashamed to admit that we’re a little bit obsessed with each other – ha!) and messages like “OMG one day we have to actually meet OK?”

Then, a couple of weeks ago, she emailed me to ask if I’d like to film a video with her all about planning a festival wedding. It took me approximately 5 seconds to reply and we arranged for her to come down to Reading for the interview at my house following week!

As you can see, my predictions were very much correct. I LOVE her. Like, I’m pretty sure we’re officially best friends already. I’ve invited her to the National Wedding Show to come and hang out again too, so it’s not too long until we get to meet again. Yay, aren’t new friends just the best?

I hope you enjoy it! If you do, why not leave a comment under the video on YouTube and let Helen know!?


  1. JoAnne Neary

    Love this theme.
    Am planning my 40th festival style party at my place in the woods this summer (married already!).
    Lots of room to be creative and so relaxed and of course plenty of leeway for debaucheous fun *_* I’m planning an early evening dance party so parents and kids get to enjoy all the fun. Can-not-wait!!!!!

  2. We hire wooden trestle tables and enamel vinatge chairs that are reasonably priced and look fab in this type of setting. We also run craft events for brides and friends to make festival headwear.

    Just love the individuality and creative expression in this video. I couldnt agree more, get creative and find the location of your dreams, it doesnt need to cost the earth.

  3. This is SO COOL! In France, festival weddings are not really a thing yet, I soooo hope this trend is going to pick up soon <3
    Thanks for all the great tips, if we're ever gonna get married, we'll defo go for that, as my boyfriend is a guitare player/DJ and I met him taking pictures of his band (as I started as a music photographer!) 😀

  4. Love this! Festival weddings are my fave, my most favorite wedding last year was festival inspired, it was so relaxed yet so much fun! Wish I could get married again! (To Mr B of course). Can’t wait to see you at the national wedding show! Counting down the days!! 😁

  5. Zara

    lovley video with lots of great advice! I am almost there with the plans for our festival inspired wedding…on the grounds of a converted farm with tipi tents 🙂 Only downside is having to create a day from the grass upwoards!There is such a long list of tables/ chairs, toilets, fridges etc that I had not anticipated. Fingers crossed the hard work pays off!

  6. Laura Hammerton

    This is so useful. Thank you. Kat – where are you getting married please? It sounds lovely and ideal for us. We can’t find a venue we like that we can afford.


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