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A Bohemian Engagement with Hand Drawn Illustrations: Mark & Jolina

I have a beautiful two-parter for you this afternoon, both the engagement shoot and wedding of Mark & Jolina. When I saw this shoot by MangoRed, who hail from The Philippines, I knew I had to blog it. I love the mix of mediums between the photography and illustrations. It’s something I’ve never seen before and it creates a really different and beautiful storytelling result don’t you think?

MangoRed worked with RabbitHole Creatives to create this shoot, as they explained, “We have been working with MangoRed for a long time now and our collaborations have proved our good creative rapport. The exchange of ideas are both orgasmic and highly productive. RabbitHole‘s concepts are captured in a very special light by MangoRed. You can see the attention to detail and the desire to capture the mood of every concept.”

“Inspired by each couple’s personalities, we explore many possibilities of translating them – to push the boundaries of pre-nuptial editorials. For Jolina & Mark’s pre-nuptial shoot, the ideas initially came from them. They were aiming for ethereal, boheme and fun. We then extended these ideas to a more visceral approach. We wanted it extra lush and overflowing with psychedelic vibes. Jolina Magdangal is a pop star and paved way to a fashion commotion during the late 90’s that is distinctively hers. Mark Escueta is a rock legend in the underground sub-culture. Both have delved into the music industry and carved Filipinos’ hearts with their compositions.”

“We started with their ideas and extracted the essence, which is the bohemian life. Truth, beauty and freedom at it’s most succulent form. Referencing from the bohemian movement of the late 60’s, we looked into inspirations such as The Cockettes, Kenneth Anger, Janis Joplin and Taking Woodstock. We also looked at Pre-Raphaelite artworks by Rosetti, Beardsley and Klimt that highly influenced the lifestyle. From those ideas, we concocted a story/editorial that captures all those moods. We then proposed a story of leisure, travel and folly. Colors and patterns are important visual cues. Hence, the styling of the clothes and the production/set design were carefully composed. We provided the vibrant backdrops, embellishing everything in a loose but fiery motion. Lace, argyle, luggage, twigs, party favors, rock band shirts, harp, kites, Lambrettas, crochet, make-shift swing, eloping Sedan, trumpet, parasol, gramophone, sand, sea, paper lanterns, bicycles – all mixed together in one big stew.”

“To make the whole output more raw and teeming with details, RabbitHole‘s Creative Director, Geof Gonzales, composed hand made illustrations and collages. It was a product of all of our visions to tell a visual story supported with these intuitive illustrations. Geof made the collages with the couple’s ideas in mind. Old books and magazine cut-outs and illustrations were combined with passages from books and novels and Nina Simone’s lyrics.”

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‘Til Death Do Us Party Wedding Shoot: Angelo & Rin


Angelo & Rin’s super quirky, super fun and super them engagement shoot was split into themes – each one styled (by the couple) to represent different areas of their relationship. “We had two locations for our shoot–in our house and at my old college, where Angelo and I met,” Rin explained. “The Field, Picnic, Skate, and Steps sessions were taken at the alma matter at our university. The ‘Steps/Skate’ location is actually exactly where I met Angelo (with his punk rock band) at an outdoor rock concert. ‘The Field’ and ‘Picnic’ sessions showcased more romantic side to our relationship.”

“The ‘Chalk/Suspenders Sessions’ showcases some of the other things we love doing–doodling/creating art, dressing up and goofing around with our dogs. The ‘Balloon Session’ was a tribute to our indie side, and in the ‘Bed Session’ shows how we like rocking out, drinking beer, and how we imagine married life to be like.”

“Finally,the ‘Switcheroo Session’ illustrates the androgynous nature of our relationship. Physically, Angelo looks girlier than me (he’s fairer, practically poreless and zitless… and more docile!) and I’m pretty much a tomboy. But on a deeper note, what’s great about our relationship is that we don’t let gender stereotypes define our roles in our marriage. And in a traditional patriarchal Christian society like the Philippines, that’s pretty cool.”

“Angelo and I were super lucky to have design/photography duo Everywhere We Shoot on board to do our prenup photography,” bride-to-be Rin continued. “These guys are friends who frequent the same gigs, art spaces, and thrift shops that we go to. Their philosophy has always been to keep doing and creating, not for money, but just because they love what they do. And knowing that we were on a budget-DIY-wedding, they agreed to do a pro bono engagement shoot for us in a heartbeat. I was also blessed to have a former schoolmate slash band groupie of mine, Kitty Caragay, do my make-up.”

“Before the shoot, we exchanged emails with Everywhere We Shoot sharing photography styles/fashion/make-up we liked. Of course, a LOT of our references came from Rock n Roll Bride. Everywhere We Shoot loved our ideas and they were really stoked to work with us because they knew that we were all on the same wavelength.”


Everywhere We Shoot did a great job in capturing our individuality, as well as showing our personality as a couple,” Rin continued. “The photos were very playful, they showed us doing the things we love, being silly, and just having fun together. The styling and production design was done by us so that the shoot would be 100% genuine. Our props consisted of our toys (bubbles, guitars, skulls, dolls), junk in the house, vintage stuff that we love (cameras, books, vinyls), and my darling doggie-siblings.”


“Our wedding will be inspired by our passion for design and music, and challenged by a very tight budget. Hence, we set out to express our undying love for each other through a vintage-Rock-n-Roll-do-it-yourself wedding (and pre-wedding shoot) which we fondly named “Till Death Do Us Party.”

What a cute session to round off a fabulous week on the blog!

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Ryan & Lanie’s Four-Part Cubu Engagement Shoot

I don’t share as many engagement shoots as many of the other wedding blogs. It’s not that I don’t love them (for the record I think every couple should do an engagement shoot – they’re a great way to get to know your photographer and practice posing before your wedding day.) However it does take something extra special to make a couple shoot worth sharing on these pages, when you get sent as many awesome weddings as I do, usually these take priority for me. Yet I think Ryan & Lanie’s shoot certainly fits that inspiring bill.

The shoot was set up in four parts, as bride-t0-be Lanie explained, “First set was shot in Mogwai, which is a movie screening/cafe bar in Cubao-X. The vintage feel of this place helped us to achieve the nostalgic treatment we are aiming for. Add to that is the idea of our stylist to play a vintage film which served as our background during the shoot. For the second set which was still shot in Mogwai, its more like vintage with a twist of modernness to it.  I really love how the tiara went well with my messed up hair.”

“The third set is quirky and nerdy combined!  First part of this set was shot in a vacant lot somewhere near Cubao-x, “guerilla style”. Luckily we were able to finish all the shots just in time before the security shooed as away! Owners of two shops in Cubao-X (Atomika and a little vintage book shop) were all kind enough to let us shoot at their place. Atomika’s all “white” room, made the color of our outfits pop while vintage shop’s clutter of books and other stuff gave us just the right amount of “weirdness” for this set.”

“The last set was just casual and relaxed. We love our matching shirt and sneakers here! I was given an “out of bed” look for this set. This was shot at our stylist shop – Thank You Today. My outfits for this shoot were all from Thank You Today’s shop. While Ryan brought in some of his clothes for the 3rd and 4th set. But all these would not be possible without Rock Paper Scissors Photography and Thank You Today’s creativity and awesomeness!”

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Kei & Wilson’s Three-Day ‘Camp Kasal’ Island Wedding

Kei & Wilson three-day wedding which they affectionately dubbed ‘CAMP KASAL’ (Kasal is the Filipino word for wedding.) On the first day the couple welcomed their guests, who all stayed over at their venue, and they had an intimate “Welcome to Negros” (Welcome to the Island) evening dinner. They served local delicacies such as batchoy (noodles), inasal (grilled chicken), kadios (A local stew) and apan apan (sauteed leaves).

The wedding ceremony took place the following morning and was followed by a tree planting, a traditional breakfast and fun activities. At lunch the guests were treated to a “Boodle Fight” (a military style of eating where guests sit on long tables and the food is served on top of the banana leaves) lunch roasted pig, grilled fresh fish, steamed veggies and ensalada (salad with tomatoes and salted eggs).

“We had several activites in the campsite for the guests,” explained the bride. “Since this was a camp wedding, there was no internet or television so we thought they could release their creative side by doing some beading, colouring, building toy airplanes, clay making and different activities such as pick up sticks, board games, bubble playing, swimming etc… There was also a SNAP STATION where there were polaroid cameras, Lomo cameras, Analog SLRs that guests could use and return after. Guests were shuttled back and forth to their hotel via a big Sugar Cane Truck.”

“Almost all the details were DIY,” Kei continued. “From the invites to the cord used in the ceremony which was made from different yarn colors and rope. My head piece was also DIY, the bridesmaids carried fresh picked lillies while the groomsmen brought pinwheels while walking.”

“We wanted the wedding to reflect us not just as a couple but also as individuals. When we were thinking of a theme we wanted something classic so we thought of chuck Taylors and corduroys which were a staple in everyone’s closet. We also wanted an adventure for our guests and a vacation for them so we thought of conducting it on a mountain and guests had to travel almost all kinds of transportation — Jeepney, taxi, airplane, bus and even truck. We made sure the trip will be worth it by providing them accomodation, welcome dinner and some meals and a breathtaking view. After the wedding, the guests wanted more adventure and some even decided to make our anniversary an annual reunion and adventure!”

If you want to see more, you can see the couple’s save the date video here and their engagement shoot here.

Be sure to also watch their adorable wedding video…seriously, cutest thing ever!

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Marco & Corinne’s Global Folk Art, Home-Spun Wedding

When I received the initial submission email from photographer Pat Dy, dubbing this as his ‘coolest ever wedding’ I had high expectations…and you know what I’m going to say here don’t you?…I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

Marco & Corinne’s home-spun DIY wedding was a real labour of love. The wedding took place at the Groom’s arents house and they crafted their wedding mostly from items they already owned. Everything from their outfits to the flowers arrangement were hand made by the couple themselves or a close friend or family member. This created something totally unique and personal.

“Our theme was global folk art,” Corinne told me. “We just used mostly what we already had lying around our house. We wanted that all the elements were everything we both love. So much heart was put in by family and friends during the 2 months preparation of the wedding. My Mom even handpainted the 150 stones as favours.”

They even had a live mural painting – what an amazing memento to have at their parent’s house to treasure forever – and a shadow box, which made for some really great photographs.

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Millet & Hendrick’s Hand Picked, DIY Wedding

Millet & Hendrick’s wedding was held at Sonya’s Garden Country Bed & Breakfast, Tagaytay City, Philippines. With a sister who’s a wedding planner and events stylist, the bride (who is a fashion stylist herself!) was certainly in good hands when it came to creating the perfect day for her and her fiancé.

“I followed my instincts and searched all the details,” the bride told me when I asked for her main inspiration. “We didn’t spend much, but the overall effect was satisfactory to me and my husband. The guests went wild when they were advised that they can take home the centrepieces!”

Millet hand picked and put together all the flowers – from the bouquets to the centrepieces, “I like how unconventional the Parrot Tulips looked, so I had them on my bouquet. The Mom’s wore Paper Roses bib neckpieces, the Principal Sponsors wore Alstroemeria neck pieces and the Female Sponsors had fresh Carnation belt accents” she explained.

“Sourcing everywhere is key – from Flea Markets, to big and small stores, to Google!” continued Millet. “I am fond of Desserts so I wanted a table full of Desserts galore. I shared what I enjoy seeing and eating with this event. It was a fun feast where my husband and I showcased our talents.”

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