Retro Loving

I’ve been sent yet another amazing, vintage inspired masterpiece from The Philippines. Ninya & Kevin are a quirky and fun couple, especially Ninya who loves all things retro. She wore her Mum’s white dress, shoes and swimsuit for the shoot which took place at a secluded beach in Cebu.


Thanks to Paul for sharing this gorgeous couple

Credit: Calography


  1. I love this series! Of course the Polaroids have such an amazing dreamy quality, but I also love the lighthearted humor that runs throughout. Awesome work!

  2. ms maria

    oh really nice. Congrats to kevin and his wife. kevin was my classmate during elementary years:) wedding cheers to both you:)

  3. To Kat and Chanelle!
    We would be most honored if you visit the Philippine islands. I would be glad to take you on a tour around Cebu.
    And thank you Kat for posting our humble work. Thank you all to those who left lovely comments.
    We are very grateful

  4. thanks Kat for featuring us.. me and kevin are most thrilled.. am an avid reader of your blog.. we just got married last december 28, and having a blast since then…
    keep the rockin spirit rollin! yeah!


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