Braving Wind & Rain

This couple braved wind, rain and various costume changes to get these awesome shots with their photographer Pat Dy. it goes without saying that the results are breathtaking and not just because of the intense scenery. 


Thanks to Pat for winging these all the way from The Philippines to share with me

Credit: Pat Dy Photography


  1. Wow. These are flippin awesome. I love the energy the couple are giving in these photos and the photography is awesome too. Great pick, Kat!

  2. Marie

    I have to say, these are one of the best looking shots i have seen in a long time. Where exactly is this location? Reminds me of Lord of the Rings 😀
    Kudos to the site, nice find 😀

  3. Tanya Ruiz

    The dynamism that has resulted from the interaction of the couple, the scenery and their amazing photographer has shaped some of the best pictures I’ve seen so far! 🙂 Congrats, all!

  4. Joy Ycasiano-Dejos

    Hey Kat,

    We are THRILLED that you featured our pre-nup shoot here! The rain and winds were totally unplanned, but at the end of the day, DEFINITELY worked in our favor 🙂 we had a great team with Pat Dy and Francis Perez, plus our fabulous make up artist Cathy Cantada and Gerry for hair. It was a definite BLAST 🙂

    We’ll make sure and send the actual wedding pix your way once Pat finishes them 😉

    – Joy and Esse Dejos, the Couple Who Braved Wind and Rain 😉

  5. Kudos to Pat Dy Photography! you guys rock! and kudos to the great couple who made these shots rock! I wish I would come across a couple like you guys!

  6. I knew a bit of these couple, they were both “fashionista”, cool, friendly and very smart. I can say, that they are “‘perfect combination!!”

    Aboveall your shots are really awsome, I’m looking forward to meet you,and or shoot with you someday – can I apply as apprentise! :=)


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