Moulin Rouge

Zarah & Dan had a wonderful french bohemian themed engagement session at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. The elegant, glamorous and sexy vibe of these completely excite me. Totally fabulous no?

Enjoy the swoon…


Thanks to Zarah, Dan and photographer Rene for sharing these

Credit: Alternative Editorials


  1. Lagos

    Hey! I love the site, I recently discovered it and I have become obsessed!!
    I wanted to know though..if there is anyway that some photographs could be saved/printed. I am planning my wedding and I see a lot of awesome ideas that I would like to save on my scrapbook but I can’t :'(

    Thanks so much!

  2. Post author

    Lagos – if you right click the photo and open in a new tab you should be able to save it. Please dont use the photos for anything other than your own personal inspiration however. Have fun!

  3. Many thanks for posting Kat!
    Btw, I’ll be in the US on the 2nd-3rd quarter of 2010 for any such engagement/wedding pictorials.
    Also, other engagement pics can be found in
    – Rene, the photographer

  4. melanie

    moulin rouge, you mean? or rogue like sarah palin? the pictures are gorgeous! great post. just a *teeny* typo. just trying to help 🙂

  5. Post author

    haha! omg what a noob i am..although i did get the spelling right in the actual article :oP thanks for the heads up!

  6. Lagos

    Hi Kat!
    Being a photographer myself, I would never think of taking the photographs for anything else, and even if I did I wouldn’t take them without permission and with no credit! Thanks a lot for the reply!!! Unfortunately, I had already tried that, and I did once more after you told me what to do…but it just takes me to the blog =/ I have a mac and so m “right click” options must not be the same…

    Thanks a lot though!


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