I couldn’t very well have a day of posting about The Philippines and not include MangoRED now could I? I’ve got part two of Jason & Lloyda’s ridiculous engagement session – ridiculous in a good way you understand! High fashion eat your heart out! The props used here put everyone else to shame don’t they? Hello! They used an actual giant paper boat for their shipwrecked senario.


Thanks Ryan & Randall!

Credit: MangoRED


  1. I am always in awe of the work of Randy and Randall. I would love to learn at the foot of these masters someday. Kat, can you help me out in that department? 😀

  2. Post author

    funny you should say that paul because i might be able to help you with one of my future articles for Photo Pro magazine…that’s all im saying for now so stay tuned!


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