Lover’s Day Out

October 24, 2009

The gorgeous and ever lovely Josephine Sicad sent these over to me yesterday telling me the story of the engagement session of Yvon & Moyo. Remember her own engagement session that I featured a while back – Nobody Can Be Uncheered by a Balloon? (her own words) Well this one is just as glorious! The idea was ‘A Lover’s Day Out’ – a day in the life so to speak. I literally drooled as I checked these out. You will too!
You can see the whole set here.


Thanks to the amazing Josephine for sending these over. It is always a joy to receive an over excitable email from you!

ps the posts will be light this weekend as I am off to visit Gareth’s family up North. Don’t forget to enter the contest – you have until Sunday to get your entries in!

Credit: Josephine Sicad Photography