Lover’s Day Out

The gorgeous and ever lovely Josephine Sicad sent these over to me yesterday telling me the story of the engagement session of Yvon & Moyo. Remember her own engagement session that I featured a while back – Nobody Can Be Uncheered by a Balloon? (her own words) Well this one is just as glorious! The idea was ‘A Lover’s Day Out’ – a day in the life so to speak. I literally drooled as I checked these out. You will too!
You can see the whole set here.


Thanks to the amazing Josephine for sending these over. It is always a joy to receive an over excitable email from you!

ps the posts will be light this weekend as I am off to visit Gareth’s family up North. Don’t forget to enter the contest – you have until Sunday to get your entries in!

Credit: Josephine Sicad Photography


  1. yvonne

    hi kat,

    this is us! woooppeeeyy! thank you thank you for posting and for believing in my dearest friend, Josephine.

    happy happy!

  2. thanks for this! because of your features, we found someone as good as josephine sicad. we’re getting her to shoot our engagement in hk disneyland next year. we’d like the photos to have an old carnival feel and i’m sure josephine is just the girl to capture it that way.


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