2009 – The Year That Was {Part Two}

December 31, 2009

The Cimbo Limbo posts continue with part deux of the grand review of 2009. Brace yourselves for the July to December extravaganza people!

♥ Jenny & Johnny were way to stylish and way to cool to exclude from this list. If I had a face like hers I’d certainly be rocking the girl-hawk hair do. A Ring bearing ninja, the motorbike portraits and the tattoo-inspired illustration guestbook all add to the mad style


♥ Teneisha & Chris’ crazy-gorgeous LasVegas wedding was nothing short of epic. That dress!


♥ Something a bit different for Rock n Roll Bride here, but how could I resist those faces?


Mouse ears! You just can’t say no can you?!


This skater couple rocked my world at the end of July. So much gorgeous goodness right here!


Rockabilly boudoir smashed it’s way into my heart with this shoot (stand by for exciting news involving me + a corset very very soon – oh yes!)


♥ Christine & Dan, certainly a kick ass, tattooed couple really felt at home for the Chicago wedding. Again..the tattooed chick did it for me!


♥ Oh dear..I’m only just at the end of July’s posts! I couldn’t leave this White Orchid Bridal shoot out though. Too much awesome (and one of my husband’s favourites so he says)


The story of the 75 cent dress. Every Rock n Roll Bride’s dream!


Bess & Matt’s hippy, tattooed, eco chic love fest in the woods really made me smile with glee!


♥ I saw a sneak peak of Ali & Danny’s wedding by a reader early in the year but I had to wait for what felt like a lifetime to see the full set. It was worth the wait!


More Betsey Johnson goodness winged it’s way into my heart with this wedding that is almost too awesome to be justified by my words. Custom knuckledusters as bridesmaids gifts, swordplay for portrait shoots, babies breath for bouquets and peacock feathers plenty rocked my socks.


♥ Standby for the wedding of the year..and it British one at that! Oh yes, Callum & Caroline rocked their creative socks off with their London wedding. You ‘ooohed’ you ‘aaahed’ you swooned…(go check out their engagement shoot too..yellow dress and a tin caravan!)


♥ I also had a serious love-in for Rosalie & Jamie’s outdoor wedding, shot by the same photographer, David McNeil. Her bouquet made my heart skip a beat. I kid you not


♥ It may have turned out to not be a real wedding, but this fashion shoot (featuring Mark Ronson) in a Woodstock wedding stylee for french magazine Jalouse sent as all c-c-c-razy for a little while


Automne& Graham’s punk rock wedding was epic on gastronomic proportions! Her purple, handmade dress was the star of the show alongside their personalised vows, music and venue. Muchos coolness


Childhood sweethearts. Diy details. Funky favours and custom cds…oh yes


♥ Meegan & Jean-Loius surprised all their friends and family by having a surprise wedding…at their engagement party! The ‘OMG you’re wearing a wedding dress’ moment must have been absolutely priceless


Lizeth & Rafter’s engagements were so colourful and fun…and popular with you lot!


♥ I couldn’t leave out this Off the Hook Carnival Wedding could I? I fell in love with the colour, the tats, the dancing (check out their video – scroll down) and the general awesome atmosphere. I knew their wedding would rock some serious cool when I featured their engagements back in September and so was over the moon when photographer Marina sent me Amy & Jesse’s wedding to feature.


♥ The UK proved itself just as awesome as the rest of the world yet again with Kate & Seb’s Anarchy in the UK wedding. The Candy Anthony dress is just perfection.


Jeez there are so many more that I wish I could have included. For more favourites, check out my top 40 countdown (part one and two) that I posted back in September…some are the same but many more amazing ones have happened this year alone! If you’re bored or so inclined then you really should browse the site archives for inspiration or just generally visual joy. I have to say, the last 6 months in particular has been nothing short of epic.

Thinking about it honestly, 2009 really was great. It’s difficult for me to focus on the positives sometimes but without this year I wouldn’t have even started taking Rock n Roll Bride seriously, wouldn’t have met so many amazing people, wouldn’t be writing for two magazines and wouldn’t have all the exciting possibilities laid ahead of me for 2010. Soppy and ‘un-Rock n Roll’ maybe, but sometimes you really do have to stop and think what a miracle life can sometimes be. So tell me, what was great for you in 2009?